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‘Misunderstandings about cars sold at least a month’

The car with the least number of sales does not mean the car has the worst quality.

Every month, companies give a summary of the number of cars sold on the market and the top selling or selling cars are of great interest to many people. However, behind the numbers cannot fully reflect the quality of the car as well as the preferences of consumers.

Top selling cars in April.

First of all, it is necessary to understand clearly, in the top cars that sell little, some cars are used, some are not. For example, a 600 million car sells 20 cars per month, for sure. But car 4-5 billion selling 20 units/month is sometimes successful. It only sold a little, not sold alone.

The first is the case of the Toyota Alphard. Criticizing this car is no different than criticizing the few people who buy Rolls-Royce, because it is too picky. Next is the Land Cruiser. Selling 24 Land cars a month, the sales are about 100 billion VND, can not be called empty cars. But there is the Avanza, which is really poor because there are no buyers.

Suzuki has up to 3 cars on the list, Swift is always at the top. Ciaz didn’t accept it, but the Ertiga was also praised by many people, a few months ago it sold loudly, but now it has not been sold for a month or two.

But the Isuzu D-Max is too obvious, the car is not bad, but customers don’t have much information, rarely when it comes to promotions, and the service is also mediocre. The brothers who “played” D-Max now fell to other guilds. This case is no longer a misunderstanding but an incomprehension.

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