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Mitsubishi revives the sports car brand Ralliart

Ralliart, Mitsubishi’s sports car and racing car brand, is returning after 11 years of being discontinued.

The Japanese automaker abandoned the Ralliart brand in early 2010 but during a recent earnings call, Mitsubishi confirmed that the brand would be brought back. Attached to the announcement is a photo of a Mitsubishi Triton with a Ralliart kit. This could be the first model that Mitsubishi launches under the re-emergence of Ralliart.

Triton pickup model with Ralliart accessory set with sporty red accents. Image: Mitsubishi

The photo shows the Ralliart version pickup with red details. The car also has red rubber fenders, black rearview mirror caps, a different front end with underbody panels and many red accents.

During the above meeting, Mitsubishi said it would introduce a series of accessories under the Ralliart brand, but did not mention details. Takao Kato, the company’s chief executive officer, added that Mitsubishi will re-enter the sports car scene.

It is not clear which models are part of Mitsubishi’s plans to return to the sports car world, while emphasizing its commitment to plug-in hybrid powertrains, including the Outlander PHEV.

Ralliart – founded in Europe in 1983 – is a division that develops high-performance cars, sports cars and racing cars, and is a support unit for Mitsubishi’s races at major tournaments such as the Dakar Rally or WRC. After being no longer an independent brand, Ralliart launched racing-style accessories to equip on Mitsubishi’s commercial vehicles, such as the Mirage Ralliart sold in Vietnam.

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