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Mitsubishi Vietnam launched a great promotion in July

Xpander, Pajero Sport, Outlander and Attrage are supported 50% of registration fee, accessories and Nanoe-X machine, while the remaining products receive many accessories.

Mitsubishi is one of the few car manufacturers in Vietnam that maintains incentives for customers month after month and is consistent between the dealer and the company. The programs are thus made public and equally distributed across the distribution systems. Following June, in this July, the Japanese automaker launched a great incentive package for all models, worth about 20-70 million VND.

Vehicle groups are supported with registration and gifts

Four models that are supported by the company with 50% of registration fees for customers are Xpander, Pajero Sport, Outlander and Attrage. The support level is deducted directly from the selling price. In addition, customers who buy these models will also receive useful gifts such as Nanoe-X air purifier and disinfectant as well as other accessories such as cameras, leather seats…

Car model 50% registration
(million dong)
Pajero Sport 4×2 56 Nanoe-X
Pajero Sport 4×4 68 Nanoe-X
Xpander Cross 33 Nanoe-X
Xpander AT 32 Nanoe-X
Xpander MT 28 Nanoe-X
Attrage CVT Pre 24 Nanoe-X machine + accessories (7 million)
Attrage CVT 23 Nanoe-X + accessories (7 million)
Attrage MT 19 Nanoe-X
Outlander CVT Pre 48 Nanoe-X + 360 camera (20 million)
Outlander CVT Std 42 Nanoe-X machine + leather seats (8.5 million)


With the Triton pickup model, the company is applying a gift program. Specifically, the 4×2 MT and 4×2 AT MIVEC versions have two options, one is the box cover + Panasonic NanoE TM-X air purifier or the second option is similar to the above but replaces the lid with material insurance.

With two higher versions, 4×2 AT MIVEC Premium and 4×4 AT MIVEC Premium, the program also includes the same two options as the two lower versions above, but in each option there is a reverse camera.

With regular promotions, combined with a popular product range by the youthful Dynamic Shield design, suitable comfort content, stable chassis and engine, Mitsubishi is gradually rising in the rankings. sales. By the end of May, the company sold more than 13,000 vehicles, ranking fourth in the market.

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