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More than 2 million subscribers switch networks between Mobi, Vina, Viettel and Vietnamobile

Sunday, April 25, 2021 19:30 (GMT + 7)

In particular, the remarkable number is that Vietnamobile lost more than 566,000 “war” subscribers.

According to the latest updated data from the Telecommunications Department (under the Ministry of Information and Communications), after nearly two and a half years of deploying the digital transfer service, there were 2,121,642 subscribers who switched networks to keep numbers successfully. among operators Viettel, MobiFone, VinaPhone and Vietnamobile.

In it, the operator Viettel has officially welcomed 1,081,212 new subscribers from other carriers. This is the number of subscribers successfully transferred to Viettel’s network from 1,486,239 subscribers who registered to change the network to keep numbers to Viettel network.

In the opposite direction, Viettel also lost 633,129 subscribers to MobiFone, VinaPhone and Vietnamobile carriers. Thus, in fact, Viettel has increased by 448,083 new subscribers by participating in changing the network to keep numbers.

Viettel is having the number of new subscribers from switching networks to keep the highest number among all carriers participating in this “war”.

After Viettel is the operator VinaPhone with successful inbound and outgoing subscribers 727,287 and 565,659 respectively.

With MobiFone, the number of successful inbound and outgoing subscribers does not differ much – 312,747 and 355,884 respectively, demonstrating the stability of this network operator.

“Pain” is probably the network operator Vietnamobile when losing more than 566,474 subscribers to other carriers, because this operator only had only 396 subscribers successfully transferred while 566,870 successfully transferred.

The same digital network switch service has been deployed since November 16, 2018, is expected to bring many benefits to the telecommunications market, telecom businesses, mobile subscribers and meet the management goals of the company. state management.

Mobile subscribers will give you the ability to choose a service provider that suits your needs while keeping your phone number, eliminating the barrier of having to change a new one, causing trouble in your business. user work and activities.

For telecom businesses, this is the driving force for mobile businesses to increase their competitiveness by improving service quality, taking care of customers, especially longtime customers who have been attached to them. This can be seen as a channel for subscriber development in the context of the gradually saturated mobile telecommunications market.

For the telecommunications market, creating a competitive environment similar to many countries in the world will help mobile businesses have experience to develop business to other countries in the process of international economic integration. .

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Switching network numbers: The Ministry of Information and Communications and the network operator have handled nearly 10,000 complaints

The Ministry of Information and Communications and the network operators have handled 100% of the complaints of subscribers who register to change networks.


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