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‘Mother is very angry if …’ wish Mother’s Day with these messages

Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes images, Whatsapp messages, status, quotes: The most beautiful and precious relationship in the world is the relationship between mother and child. Any word, article or title will be less for the mother. Their love and dedication cannot be expressed even by putting a life. After having 9 months in the womb and facing the pain of childbirth, when the baby is born, that moment is the happiest for every mother. Every mother’s life revolves around her children. No matter how big the children may be, but for the mother, they are always the stars of their eyes.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year to salute the love and dedication of the mother. Today, on this special occasion, you can share these loving messages –

1. I saw adulteration in every relationship,
Saw the decoration of raw colors,
But for years, I have seen my mother,
Never saw tiredness on his face,
Neither Mamta ever saw adulteration.

2. Who would do loyalty if mother was not there?
Who will pay the right to Mamta,
God protect every mother,
Otherwise who will pray for us.

3. This way she washes my sins,
When the mother is very angry, she cries.
Happy mothers day 2021

4. Stay like a moon,
If you go like winds,
Mother is the world
Like God.
mother’s Day Happy


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