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Mother of a family gassed in Corbeil-Essonnes: a commissioner would have been put in the closet after his apology

A Corbeil-Essonnes police commissioner was relieved of most of his duties, Medipart claimed on October 17, a few weeks after speaking at a public meeting to apologize to a mother who had was gassed, an incident which set the Tarterêts district on fire in September.

The media, which quotes several police sources, explains that the commissioner was shelved after this public meeting, relieved of most of his usual tasks without being suspended. He would have been criticized for having taken the side of the inhabitants rather than that of the police.

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This mediation meeting organized by the town hall took place a few days after the broadcast on social networks of the arrest of a young man on September 2. The video showed his mother being gassed by a police officer as she approached him when he was pinned to the ground. According to several media present at the meeting, including and “le Parisien”, exchanges were tense between residents of the neighborhood and the police. Faced with those who were indignant about this incident, the divisional commissioner retorted: “At the start, we intervene for a biker who rodeo, rides on the sidewalk and brushes against a man on a scooter. Then there is the interpellation. But if nobody got involved, it would be fine. ” She had questioned a truncated video and defended a completely justified police intervention.

The prefecture of Essonne, for its part, told AFP that “The policeman who used tear gas against the mother was not aware at that time that it was the mother” of the young man then restrained on the ground, although this one shouted several times “Let go of my son! “.

“This official, feeling in danger, used tear gas once and for a brief moment to repel her”.

But during the public meeting, another commissioner, Patrick Visser-Bourdon, apologized for his part. “For the trouble caused to Mrs. S.”, calling on both sides to make more efforts to change things, an apology that contradicted the position of his hierarchy.

“It should be normal that we can discuss the police”

The various left mayor of Corbeil-Essonnes Bruno Piriou explains to Mediapart that he was ” informed by the divisional commissioner that commissioner Visser-Bourdon was no longer in charge of his duties at Corbeil-Essonnes ”.

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“I understand that trust is broken with his hierarchy, for this fact but also for others that I do not know. Since then, we are no longer in contact with him and I am promised a new commissioner shortly. ”

The mayor, who describes the commissioner’s apology as a gesture “Remarkable without being exceptional”, said to himself ” grateful “ towards him ” to have these words of appeasement for them, which give the inhabitants the feeling of being respected by the police ” and felt that“It should be normal that we can discuss the police, who are not above the rules.”

Police violence: “The responsibility of power is total”

Questioned by Mediapart, the general direction of the national police did not wish to comment on the situation or indicate whether the commissioner was the subject of a disciplinary investigation or not. The commissioner, for his part, asserted his duty of reserve and did not speak to the media either.

The president of the Independent Union of Police Commissioners (SICP), of which he is a member, for his part affirmed to Mediapart that he was ” not up to date “ of the situation.

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The broadcast of the video on the networks had triggered strong tensions for several nights in the district of Tarterêts. The mother’s two sons were both arrested, the first for “urban rodeo”, the other for “death threats and violence against the police”. They are due to be tried in January, reports Mediapart.

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