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Mukesh Ambani’s security is as strong as PM, know full details here

Security agencies have been on the alert after receiving gelatin sticks and threatening letters in a suspicious car outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. The Maharashtra government has handed over the investigation to the crime branch. On the other hand, CRPF has also reviewed Ambani’s security. The number of commandos deployed in their close protection has been increased. Surrounding CCTV cameras are being searched.

What is written in this letter ?: In the letter received by the police, it has been written threatening Mukesh Ambani and his family that this time the explosives were not assembled, but it will not happen next time. It is written in the letter that Mukesh Bhaiya, Neeta Bhabhi Yeh was a trailer. All arrangements have been made to blow up your entire family.

Ambani walk in the security circle of Z +: Let us tell you that Mukesh Ambani ((Mukesh Ambani Security) is among the selected people in the country who has got security in the Z + (Z Plus) category. PM Narendra Modi has also got the security of this category apart from all the agencies. The security cordon consists of at least 55 security personnel, including dangerous commandos of about 10 NSG (National Security Guards) armed with sophisticated weapons.

Bullet proof cars run in convoys: Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, one of the world’s top ten rich people, runs in a convoy of bullet-proof and armored cars. This convoy includes vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes to Range Rover. According to a report by GQ India, Mukesh Ambani drives in his favorite bullet proof BMW car in the convoy. They are escorted by several armored vehicles back and forth.

Two cars are preferred: Mukesh Ambani is often seen in his BMW760Li and Mercedes Benz S600 vehicles. Both these vehicles are armored. Apart from Z Plus Security, guards of private agencies are also deployed to protect the Ambani family. Those who watch for him and his family 24 hours a day.

Raise the security costs themselves: Let us tell you that even though Mukesh Ambani has got Z-plus category security from the government, he bears the entire cost of it himself. According to an Economic Times report, they spend about Rs 15-16 lakhs on this security every month. Apart from this, arrangements are also made for the security and lodging of the security personnel.

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