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Mukesh Ambani’s sister-in-law Mamta Dalal is a primary teacher in school, lives away from Limelight

Mukesh Ambani Sister in Law Mamta Dalal: Mukesh Ambani’s family, which is included in the list of world’s richest people, remains in the headlines. Whether it is his wife Neeta Ambani, children Akash, Isha and Anant or brother Anil Ambani, everyone remains in the discussion due to some reason. However, Nita Ambani’s family prefers to stay away from the media.

Nita Ambani’s father Ravindrabhai Dalal and mother Purnima Dalal lived in a normal life. Raised in the joint family, Nita’s values ​​were so good that Dhirubhai Ambani had liked her elder son Mukesh Ambani on seeing her. Let us tell you that Nita Ambani also has a sister who is 4 years younger than her. Her name is Mamta Dalal and is associated with the teaching profession.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, whose founder is Nita Ambani herself, is her sister Mamta Primary Teacher in the same school. Also, according to the news, she also manages the management of this school. Let me tell you that Nita Ambani was also a professional teacher before marriage, even after becoming the daughter-in-law of the Ambani family, she continued to teach for a few years.

From Shah Rukh Khan to Sachin Tendulkar’s children, he has taught: In an interview, Mamta Dalal told that she has also taught Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan and Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar. He had said that ‘I have taught the children of Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin, but for me all the students are the same. I not only teach but also conduct workshops and physical activities. ‘

In the book She Walks She Leads written on Nita Ambani, it is mentioned that Nita Ambani’s father did not like being in the limelight and the same habit can be seen in his sister as well. Mamta Dalal was also present at the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash. At the same time, Nita Ambani’s dance video with her sister and Devrani in Isha Ambani’s wedding also went viral.

Mamta Dalal has also modeled for fashion designer Manish Malhotra’s dressage. Mamta has a cordial relationship with her sister and her family. Isha Ambani had told in an interview after marriage that the role of Masi Mamta Dalal was also instrumental in raising the three siblings.

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