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Muscle cars with horse wheels

The American muscle car model combined with the Amish’s horse wheel attracted the attention of many pedestrians.

HellBuggy is the name of the Challenger Hellcat after removing the original tires and replaced with Amish horse wheels. In this test, the car looks like a buggy and can move around every day.

Challenger Hellcat mounted horse wheel.

The HellBuggy is a follow-up after the Duramax pickup gets topped with similar wheels, but the Challenger Hellcat is more impressive by having big wheels on a sports car. The owner of the car also welded the articulated shafts to the wheels to match the Challenger. The special feature of this gear is made from aluminum to be able to move at higher speeds, while the Duramax pickup has a wooden frame. In addition, the contact surface of the wheel is made from rubber to ensure the vehicle can perform tire burning.

When HellBuggy hit the street, it immediately caught the attention of many people. The car seems to be quite stable on the road and the driver commented that the feeling of driving is comfortable. HellBuggy can reach speeds of 96 km / h comfortably, even if holding the brakes and accelerating quickly can generate smoke from burning tires.

Outstanding Bremo brakes.

Outstanding Bremo brakes.

A horse wheel can still drift like a car tire.

A horse wheel can still drift like a car tire.

Minh Quan (according to the Carbuzz)


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