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Music in the sun? We tested the Bose Frames

July 2021. The sun has decided to no longer play the timid (too much), and the holidays – in France for most of us – still promise to be festive despite the threat of the Delta variant. This is the right time to test the latest Bluetooth audio glasses from the Bose brand, released at the end of 2020, in the middle of the third winter confinement, and gone unnoticed.

After its Alto and Rondo, at the end of 2018, the American manufacturer did it again with new models for its pair of sunglasses equipped with speakers and connected: Soprano, Tempo (for sport) and Tenor. It is with the latter, freely inspired by the famous Rayban Wayfairers, that we have chosen to do a life-size test.

With the Roam speaker, Sonos is (finally) playing the nomadic music card

Light as air

We forget these glasses after a few minutes.

Once connected to your smartphone, configured and charged, the Tenor quickly demonstrates everything it has in the branches. Ultralight -44 grams thanks to its plastic frame (black nylon) – the pair is forgotten on our nose after a few minutes.

In its two branches are installed small loudspeakers, directed directly towards the ears. It is therefore thanks to the air that music is transmitted, and not by bone conduction, like the Chinese Vocalskull’s Alien or the Zungle V2 Viper. The choice is surprising, but Bose is an expert at creating powerful cabinets, so …

The first question we can ask ourselves when faced with this

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