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Mustard Oil Benefits Use this one oil to get attractive skin great option natural cleanser- Use this one oil to get attractive skin, it is a great option as a natural cleanser

Skin Care in Hindi: Digestive power is maintained by the consumption of mustard oil. It also helps in increasing the appetite, so if you are also going through the problem of loss of appetite, then use mustard oil in the food. Vitamins such as thiamine, folate and niacin are found in abundance in it, which helps in weight loss.

Generally, mustard oil is used in some form or the other in everyone’s homes. With this you can cook food, brush your teeth. It is also used in many home remedies. Mustard oil also naturally cleanses the skin. Apart from this, it is also a favorite of those who want strong hair. But do you know that you can get an attractive look by using it. Yes, you heard it right. According to dermatologists, mustard oil is very beneficial for the skin.

Natural Cleanser: Mustard oil works well as a natural cleanser. It can also be used to remove makeup. It naturally cleanses the skin within minutes. Rub some salt with mustard oil and a few drops of lemon juice on your teeth. It makes teeth strong and shiny.

Natural Conditioner: Instead of applying conditioner containing harmful chemicals on the hair, apply mustard oil. It naturally conditions the hair and makes it soft. Hair gets damaged while making hair curly or tying a bun. So massage the head with mustard oil. Along with providing enough nutrients to the hair, it also prevents hair tangling and fall. Apply a few drops of mustard oil daily for 10-15 minutes on acne, rashes or rash. It keeps the skin healthy and also brings glow.

Use it on face: Massaging the face with mustard oil daily can get rid of sun tan, wrinkles and dark spots. Mix a small spoonful of curd in a little gram flour, a few drops of lemon and a few drops of mustard oil and apply it on the face and neck at least thrice a week. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes. Dry skin is common in the winter season. You rub a few drops of mustard oil on your face. Wash it off with water after a few minutes. The skin becomes soft.


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