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“My Zoé”, the new success of Julie Delpy director, on the crazy love of a mother for her daughter

Eighth feature film by Julie Delpy, My Zoe confirms, if necessary, his talent in front of and behind the camera. Author of her screenplay, she tackles the subject of a mother’s love for her daughter from a new angle. It is also necessary to say as little as possible, at the risk of depriving the viewer of the surprises that his film has in store. One more reason to discover it indoors on Wednesday June 30th.

Divorced, Isabelle is a geneticist and lives with another man. Her ex-husband, James, harasses her for custody of their daughter Zoe and makes her life difficult. When a tragedy strikes them, Isabelle finds an extreme solution to take back her destiny in hand.

You have to say as little as possible about the story to savor all the progress, the ins and outs of My Zoe. Screenwriter, Julie Delpy starts from a current situation – a couple is torn apart over childcare – to fall into a subject of anticipation. But that’s already too much to say …

Actress in the role of Isabelle, Julie Delpy is all in interiority, gentleness and sobriety. Director, she observes without being detached from the characters. She achieves the subtle balance between empathy and the outside gaze. Isabelle touches us with her scientific calm (being a geneticist) that she opposes to the vehement passion of James (Richard Ermitage).

Julie Delpy, Sophia Ally and Richard Armitage in "My Zoe" by Julie Delpy (2021).  (STEPHAN RABOLD / ELECTRICK FILMS / STORM UNDER THE SKULL: / UGC IMAGES)

Director, actress, screenwriter, composer, when she is not making the costumes, Julie Delpy recalls the multidisciplinary nature of Xavier Dolan, in another style. A real Swiss army knife. She shows the same talent, the same high standards of author at each stage of her creation. The original approach to his subject, his writing and the tone of his staging are unlike any other. We make ours My Zoe, a most just and touching work. Optimistic.

Poster of "My Zoe" by Julie Delpy (2021).  (BAC FILMS)

Kind : Drama
Director : Julie delpy
Actors : Julie Delpy, Richard Armitage, Daniel Brühl, Sophia Ally
Country : France / Germany / Great Britain
Duration : 1h42
Exit : June 30, 2021
Distributor : Bac Films

Synopsis : After her divorce, Isabelle, a geneticist, tries to get her life back in hand. She falls in love and decides to relaunch her career. But her ex-husband, James has a hard time accepting her and makes her life difficult in the battle he is waging for custody of their daughter Zoe. A tragedy strikes them and the family is shattered. Isabelle then decides to take fate in hand.

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