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NBA: Harden refuses biggest contract in history, $ 50 million annually

The Rockets star, who wants to leave Houston, refused the golden bridge proposed by its leaders: $ 103 million over two years. Never seen.

James Harden soap opera, continued. We said he was “worried” about the direction of the Rockets, then “interested” in the idea of ​​joining Brooklyn, and now he is eager to leave Houston. This is information from Houston chronicle, with the Texan daily which ensures that the MVP 2018 wants to “force” a trade with the Nets, in order to form a “superteam” with his former partner in Oklahoma City Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. If necessary, he would also find his former coach in Houston, Mike D’Antoni, assistant in the staff of Steve Nash. Remember that Russell Westbrook also wants to leave Houston. Shams Charania confirms news from Chronicle about Harden and adds that the 76ers are also one of his favorite destinations.

The journalist of The Athletic and Stadium adds this: “Houston is quite comfortable keeping James Harden and Russell Westbrook all season.” And the Rockets have indeed the hand: Harden (31) and Westbrook (32) still have three years of contract. ESPN nevertheless understands that “The Beard” has eyes only for the Nets. Above all, he would have refused an extension of contract which would have seen him become the first player to exceed the annual $ 50 million! He would have been offered $ 103 million over two years, in addition to the $ 133 million already owed to him by 2023. “Woj”, however, only evokes timid discussions between Rockets and Nets. To be continued in the next episode…


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