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Nearly 200 readers rated Car of the Year 2021

Nearly 200 people passed the questionnaire to enter the group of experienced readers, scoring for the Car of the Year poll.

After more than 20 days of opening the voting portal Car of the Year Car Awards 2021, nearly 400 readers have participated to become an experienced reader judge. In which, 199 people passed the preliminary round (answering at least 8/10 questions correctly), becoming the reader judge. Their rating contributes 40% of the score to the car of the year award in each segment. The remaining 60% of points are decided by the Professional Council.

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The oldest reader to pass the test was born in 1961, at age 60. Youngest reader 18 years old. The age with the most readers participating is around 30-50. In which, 1978 is the birth year of the most readers (20 people).

The Organizing Committee will verify the information of the readers who have passed the questionnaire. Eligible readers to become judges will start grading the cars from mid-December.

Xpander dominates the popular MPV segment.  >> Enter the voting portal” data-natural-h=”528″ data-natural-width=”975″ src=””/></div><figcaption>
<p class=Xpander dominates the popular MPV segment. >> Enter the voting portal

Regarding cars, there are currently 20,000 predictions about which models will win prizes in each segment. Fadil, Xpander and Ranger are still three outstanding names in terms of user trust. Each car received more than 70% love from readers. While Fadil is a compact A-size car with solid performance and attractive price, Xpander is the name that shows the most advantages in the MPV segment. Since the appearance of the Mitsubishi car, Innova has been pushed to “fly away”, a new name like Suzuki XL7 can’t make it difficult. Ranger is again an undisputed force in the pickup segment.

Car Award 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor the typical car models of the market. VnExpress-Xe organization. Readers can participate in voting at:

15 attractive prizes will be given to the 15 readers who correctly and quickly predict the car of the year in each segment, and at the same time predict the number of people most similar to themselves.

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