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Neem is helpful in getting rid of dandruff, use these 3 ways

Dandruff Remedies: Dandruff is a very common skin problem from which people try their best to get rid of it. According to beauty experts, the use of neem helps in reducing the problem of dandruff. Let us tell you that when a dry itchy layer starts forming on the scalp, it is called dandruff, it is due to fungus. Due to this hair problem, hair fall starts, as well as the smoothness of the hair also starts decreasing.

People who have more problems with dandruff, they start having problems like white hair, dryness and hair fall. Despite using all the beauty products, if your problem has not reduced, then you can use neem.

Neem is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for a long time to cure health, skin and hair problems. Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which are beneficial for many skin and hair. Fiber reaches the scalp in abundance, which provides nourishment to the hair. Its use is also beneficial in removing the problem of dandruff, let’s know how to use it –

Neem Water: Take 35 to 40 neem leaves and one to one and a half liters of water. Boil water and take it off the gas. Then put neem leaves in water and leave it overnight. Wash your hair with this water in the morning. Use it 2-3 times a week, it helps to relieve itching and discomfort of hair.

Hair Mask: Take 30-40 neem leaves, one liter of water and one spoon of honey. Boil water and take it off the gas, now soak neem leaves in it overnight. Filter the leaves with water and grind them to make a paste. Add honey to this mixture and apply on the hair and roots. Leave it on the hair for 20-25 minutes then wash it. Use it once a week.

Neem and Coconut Oil: Take कप cup coconut oil, 10 neem leaves, tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp castor oil. Heat coconut oil and add neem leaves to it. Boil for 10-15 minutes and bring it down, when it cools down, add castor oil and lemon juice to it. Take out this mixture in a bottle and apply twice a week.

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