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Never got entry in the exam and sometimes left the preparation in the middle, Shekhar Kumar cracked UPSC like this

When Shekhar Kumar was preparing for the UPSC exam, his parents met with an accident. In this accident his mother was paralyzed while father went into coma.

Someone has rightly said that through hard work, determination and determination, you can achieve even the toughest goals. Such is the story of Shekhar Kumar, an IRS officer from Bihar. Shekhar Kumar never wanted to go into the civil service, although he not only worked hard to fulfill his parents’ dream but also faced all the challenges in life during this period. Every youth dreams of cracking UPSC, one of the toughest exams in the world, but it is equally difficult to crack this exam.

Shekhar Kumar in the year 2010 after hard work UPSC exam cracked, after which he became an IRS officer.

Inspired by parents: Shekhar Kumar’s parents have studied only till 10th standard. He wanted his son to study a lot and achieve great heights. During an interview, Shekhar had revealed that his father wanted him to become the DM. Although Shekhar was not interested in this field at all, but to make his father’s dream come true, he stepped in this direction and started preparing for the exam.

Preparation was abandoned after the accident of the parents: Shekhar Kumar when UPSC While preparing for the exam, his parents met with an accident. In this accident, his mother was paralyzed below the waist, while the father went into a coma. After the accident of his parents, he left his preparation in the middle and started serving them. However, after the encouragement of his mother, he once again started preparing.

Entry was not found in the paper: Shekhar Kumar struggled hard in life, although luck also tested him a lot. Shekhar had arrived 10 minutes late to give his second attempt paper. Because of this they could not get entry in the examination hall. Even after reaching the mains, Shekhar could not give the paper, after which he was badly broken. However, after the support of the family, he again took care of himself and started preparing. After which the dream of Shekhar and his parents was fulfilled in the year 2010.


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