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Never used to earn 4000 rupees with difficulty, today the owner of crores is Tarak Mehta’s ‘Bagha’ – Learn

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah: One of the most talked-about shows on TV is ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. All the actors of this serial have made their special place in the hearts of the audience due to their superb acting. One of these characters is Bagha who manages Jethalal’s shop ‘Gada Electronics’. Tanmay Vekariya is seen in the role of Bagha in the serial. Let me tell you that initially Bagha’s entry in the show was from another character, but later she was given the role of Bagha. Today he is known from house to house, from his standing to walking style. Let’s know the special things related to them –

Entry for second role was taken: Sometimes his manner of walk, Tanmay, who haunts the audience with his witty antics, belongs to Gujarat. Initially, Tanmay got the role of a minor character in this serial. However, people recognize him as a Bagha from house to house today.

Job used in bank: According to media reports, Tarak Mehta… Tanmay Kotek worked as a marketing executive at Mahindra Bank before appearing in the serial. However, his salary there was only 4 thousand rupees. Due to such a low salary, he turned to acting. However, now they get fees between 22 to 24 thousand per episode for Tarak Mehta.

Acting has deep connection: Tanmay had an old relationship with acting. Tanmay’s father Arvind Vekariya was a well-known Gujarati actor. He has also been active in theater. He has also played many minor roles in Taarak Mehta. Tanmay describes himself as inspired by them. So he was always interested in acting. Tanmay has previously worked in the Gujarati comedy drama ‘Ghar Ghar Nee Vata’. Apart from this, he has also worked in ‘Finding Rah Jaage’. Let me tell you that Tanmay is only associated with this show at the moment.

Married to Tanmay: Single Bagha in the serial is the father of two children in real life. Tanmay, along with his wife, posts photos and videos on Instagram every few days. He likes to spend quality time with his family whenever he gets time after shooting.

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