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New car models coming to Vietnamese customers in the second half of 2021

There are about 10 models that could be launched in the second half of this year, creating diversity for the market with many names from many different manufacturers.

The first half of 2021 saw the launch of a series of cars from popular to high-end despite the gloomy market, a wave of new car launches lasting from 2019 to the first half of 2021. The epidemic continues to be stressful but the market The new car market in the second half of the year is not so much less exciting. According to sources of VnExpressVietnamese customers will have the opportunity to welcome about 10 new car models including upgraded versions, new generations as well as names that have never appeared.

Kia: Sonet, Cerato, Sedona

Kia’s newly launched Sonet model. Image: That

Sonet is a new small high-rise car for urban areas with an overall length of only 3,995 mm, which is only about 400 mm longer than Morning and about 300 mm shorter than Seltos. With a size like this, Sonet is in the A+ (or B-) segment. The car was first launched in India.

Dealers said that Thaco is preparing to introduce this car to Vietnamese customers, the price can be from 480-580 million VND for 4 versions. With the success of Seltos, Thaco has a basis to wait for Sonet to be able to do the same thing as the senior. Sonet will fill the gap between Soluto in price and Seltos, but can also rob customers of low-end versions of Cerato.

New Cerato launched in Korea.  Photo: Kia

New Cerato launched in Korea. Image: That

Cerato The upgraded version is also a name of interest from the Kia family, the car was launched in foreign markets in April with mainly exterior upgrades. It is likely that the car will return to Vietnam in the fourth quarter. Currently, many dealers are no longer interested in Cerato selling but waiting to buy an upgrade.

Sedona launched in Europe as Carrival.  Photo: Kia

Sedona launched in Europe as Carrival. Image: That

Sedona, Kia’s large family MPV model will launch the next generation after the successful first generation in the Vietnamese market. Sedona gradually formed its own style so as not to be compared directly with Innova because of its spacious interior space and more equipment. The new generation is expected to have many changes in equipment, machine and seat selection.

Ford: Ranger, Territory

Ranger is a model that is waiting to be closed, not a change in design or equipment, but from import to assembly. With the expectation that the assembled version will have more versions and cheaper prices, Ranger will still be the most popular pickup model in Vietnam.

Ford Territory launched in the Chinese market.  Photo: Ford

Ford Territory launched in the Chinese market. Image: Ford

Territory will be the expected name in Vietnam to compete with CX-5 and Tucson, with an expected selling price of more than 700 million dong, which can create a new breeze in the C-sized CUV segment. Ford is expected to launch in the last quarter of the year.

Toyota: Raize, Altis, Land Cruiser

Toyota Raize launched in Indonesia market.  Photo: Toyota

Toyota Raize launched in Indonesia market. Image: Toyota

Like Kia, Toyota is also preparing to launch a model Raize belongs to the small high-rise segment. The Japanese automaker positions Raize in the B-segment of the Kona, Seltos, EcoSport, but the size of the Raize is significantly smaller. The overall length of the Raize is equal to that of the Kia Sonet.

This is also a model developed by Toyota for countries with dense urban areas such as India or Indonesia. Most likely the car will be imported from Indonesia instead of locally assembled.

The new Corolla Altis model was launched in Thailand at the end of 2019. Photo: Toyota

The new Corolla Altis model launched in Thailand at the end of 2019. Photo: Toyota

Corolla Altis The new model has been introduced to the world market for more than a year, but in the Vietnamese market, the model has not been brought back. According to some dealers, it is likely to be launched at the same time as Toyota Raise in the fourth quarter or at the latest in the first quarter of 2022 in the form of Thai imports instead of domestic assembly.

Brand new Land Cruiser model.  Photo: Toyota

Brand new Land Cruiser model. Image: Toyota

In addition to two popular models, Toyota is also about to launch models Land Cruiser completely new, with design changes from inside to outside and using a new turbocharger. The car has a new suspension system that increases the ability to cross the terrain. Compared to the world, the large SUV model was brought to Vietnam quite early because it was only introduced to the world market less than a month ago.


VinFast VF e34 is the first popular electric car model in Vietnam.  Photo: VinFast

VinFast VF e34 is the first popular electric car model in Vietnam. Image: WinFast

In the fourth quarter of this year, VinFast will deliver the first VF e34s to Vietnamese customers. This is a pure electric car that is positioned in the C-sized crossover segment, although the size is only about B size. The VF e34 has won a lot of attention from customers due to its environmental orientation. However, the distance traveled for a single charge, maintenance, battery rental policy and charging station system are what many customers are interested in.

Currently, the government has assigned the Ministry of Finance to coordinate with relevant ministries and sectors to consider the proposal to support registration fees and excise tax for electric vehicles. If this policy takes effect this year, both customers and VinFast will benefit.

Hyundai: 2 new models

New generation Hyundai i10 launched in Europe.  Photo: Carscoops

New generation Hyundai i10 launched in Europe. Image: Carscoops

Although leading the market with popular products, in Hyundai’s product range, only Santa Fe and Accent are currently updated. The remaining 4 names are Elantra, Tucson, i10 and Kona all have been unchanged for a few years. It is expected that the company will launch 2 new models, but has not revealed specifically which 2 models of the 4 names above.

Currently i10 is losing the throne to VinFast Fadil, Kona let Seltos take the number one position, while Elantra is in the declining segment and Tucson is difficult to rise to number one in the C-sized crossover segment. Therefore, according to the Experts Almera i10 and Kona are the two most urgent names that need to launch a new version.

Nissan Almera

Model Almera launched in Indonesia in April. Photo: Cyberauto

Model Almera launched in Indonesia in April. Photo: Cyberauto

The new distributor VAD will launch the new generation Sunny with the name Almera, possibly as soon as this July. Almera is an unbelievable makeover compared to the previous Sunny. From an old design to a young man and promises a lot of equipment. Dealers predict a price of about 450 million VND.

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