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New champions, skins and mechanics of League of Legends: Wild Rift

Friday, May 14, 2021 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

The highlights of the League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.2 update are the arrival of Renekton, the Blood Moon skin, the Evelynn nerf, and a new duel in the Villain Duel.

As the long-standing feud between Rengar and Kha’Zix has not ended, another pair of rival dragons appears in the hot Shurima desert. Renekton will launch in the later stages of this update to counterbalance its older brother Nasus. Along with that, the ancient ritual Blood Moon will also appear for the first time in Wild Rift.

New Generals

Renekton – Desert Sacrifice

General Renekton.

Renekton is the fearsome Ascended warrior, engulfed in rage from the arid Shurima desert. In the past, he led the army to achieve countless victories and was the most respected warrior of the emperor. However, after the Sun Disc collapsed, Renekton was swallowed up by the desert. On the ground, the world gradually changed. And in the dust, he also gradually immersed himself in madness. Now freed, he was filled with hatred for Nasus – his brother, who had left him swallowed in darkness for hundreds of years.

New outfit

New champions, skins and mechanics of League of Legends: Wild Rift - 3

A new outfit.

– Renekton of Destruction

– Diana Blood Moon

– Jhin Blood Moon

– Kennen Blood Moon

– Twisted Fate Blood Moon

– Yasuo Blood Moon

– Nasus Inferno

– Machine Malphite

New accessories

You can collect or purchase accessories from a variety of sources.

New champions, skins and mechanics of League of Legends: Wild Rift - 4

Some new accessories.

Icon: Rainbow Poro, Tanzanite Poro, Cat’s Eye Poro, Lemon Yellow Poro, Black Face Stone Poro, Rose Quartz Poro, Jade Poro.

Emotion: Joyful Colors 2021.

Soldier Footprints: Rainbow For Everyone.

Defeat Icons: Ritual Mask

Flashback Animation: Blood Moon Returns

The duel of the villain

The 2nd Villain Duel in Wild Rift between Nasus and Renekton activates when:

– Both generals are equal to or above level 13.

– Neither of them deal damage to champions or take damage from champions for 5 seconds.

– Both generals are still alive.

– Both champions stand at least 16 units apart.

The Villain Duel will not occur in every match even if the above conditions are met. But when this match starts, every player in the match will immediately receive a notification. 1 champion will win the Villain Duel event if the other side’s champion is killed within 3 seconds of taking damage from the winning champion.

The Villain Duel between Nasus and Renekton is the Eternal Vengeance:

– If Nasus wins, (1) Soul Scepter will deal damage to all enemies in an area.

– If Renekton wins, his Fury will always be at maximum for the duration of the Crocodile God (ultimate ability).

Champion change


Although Braum is essentially a champion that can block huge amounts of damage, his control ability is also outstanding.

(Passive) Defeat

Stun Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds → 1/1.25/1.5 seconds

New champions, skins and mechanics of League of Legends: Wild Rift - 5

General Braum.


(Passive) Moonlight Sword grants Diana too much attack speed when she gains an early advantage.

(Passive) Moonlight Sword

Attack Speed: 30 – 120% → 30 – 100%


Don’t hate the player, but hate the Hate Gai. Evelynn is still too strong so we’ll limit the power of her main damage ability.

(1) Thorns of Hatred

Damage: 45/50/55/60 → 40/45/50/55


Fizz is having a hard time breathing against mid lane mages that can poke in the early game. Therefore, the little fish will get a little “oxygen” from us to solve the problem of starting energy.

Basic Stats

Base Mana Recovery: 15 → 18


It feels like Jax is not getting the most out of his game late in the game, especially without the green buff. Giving a little more mana per level will help stabilize Jax’s strength in the long early games.

Basic Stats

Mana per level: 33 → 57

Mana at level 15: 852 → 1,188


Kai’Sa is way too dominant in the hands of highly skilled players. To keep her in check, she will limit her minion clear, while also reducing her early game breakout.

(1) The Rain of Icathia

Bonus damage to minions below 35% Health: 200% → 150%

(Ultimate Skill) Killer Instinct

Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds → 100/80/60 seconds


Lee Sin is a bit strong when in the hands of the masters. Therefore, the power when making optimal use of the intrinsic will be slightly reduced.

(Passive) Rebellion

Attack Speed: 50% → 40%


The next game of the father of League of Legends is about to sweep PS5 and Steam

Can this game succeed on a completely new platform?


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