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New generation Ford Ranger launched globally

The mid-size pickup has a new look, is equipped with many features and technologies, and will be sold in over 180 markets from 2022.

On November 24, the American car brand introduced Ranger 2022 online globally, 10 years since the launch of the previous generation Ranger. In the new generation, Ranger 2022 changes with a new look, equipped with the latest Ford technologies and develops based on customer feedback. The mid-size pickup will be sold in over 180 markets with three versions, including XLT, Sport and Wildtrak.

New generation Ranger launched. Photo: Ford

A Ford representative said this is the “smartest, most flexible and best-operating Ranger ever”. The next-generation pickup builds on the legacy of its predecessors while offering comfort, technology and operational improvements.

The new generation Ranger inherits the design from the F-150 and Maverich. The grille is larger with a single horizontal bar to create accents, new LED headlights with C-shaped daytime running lights. The bonnet is embossed with muscular veins, while the sides of the body retain the points. familiar on the current version. Newly designed taillights are more modern, the rear door is redesigned with the words Ranger embossed.

The new generation mid-size pickup model has increased slightly in size compared to the previous generation, the wheelbase has increased by 50 mm for more spacious rear seat legroom. In addition to the increase in size, the cargo box of Ranger 2022 has more convenient anchor points. In addition, the car has a 360-degree lighting feature at night, useful for camping trips or overnight works.

The interior of Ranger 2022 is where technology is concentrated, with a new digital instrument cluster, SYNC4 infotainment system with a vertical touch screen, 10.1 or 12 inch options. Vehicles integrated modem for internet connection, car owners can use FordPass application to remotely unlock/lock as well as check vehicle status.

The new generation Ranger dashboard is more modern than the old version with stylish air-conditioning vents. The American automaker minimizes the dashboard, uses an electronic gearshift lever for automatic transmissions, and a switch selector knob. The car uses more advanced materials for the interior, contrasting stitching on the seats, new steering wheel. Other features such as wireless charging, storage under the rear seats, glove box integrated into the dashboard.

Ford provides Ranger 2022 with three diesel engines, including a new 3.0 V6 engine and two 2.0 I4 engines. With a gasoline engine, the pickup model uses the familiar EcoBoost 2.3 I4 engine. Engine and transmission options vary depending on the market, but Ranger 2022 has three transmission options, including 6MT, 6AT or 10AT.

Ford did not go into the background of the 2022 Ranger, but confirmed that this model uses an improved chassis, allowing the installation of a variety of engine technologies, including plug-in hybrid powertrains. In addition, the new generation Ranger designed new wheels that are placed closer to the front for a larger approach angle, increasing off-road ability. The rear suspension of the suspension system fine-tunes the position, allowing for more comfortable driving on all terrains.

Interior design more modern.  Photo: Ford

Interior design more modern. Photo: Ford

Another highlight in the performance of the new generation Ranger are two four-wheel drive options. If before, the part-time 4×4 system allowed to customize the mode of running 1 bridge, 2 2 bridges, fast or slow bridge, now Ranger has the option of a full-time 4-wheel drive system with the symbol 4A. This type of drive will be optimal for Ranger when traveling on the road.

As planned, the new generation Ranger will be produced from 2022 at factories in Thailand and South Africa. The car has 8 colors to choose from. In addition, customers can personalize Ranger 2022 with 600 sets of genuine accessories.

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