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New generation Mercedes S-class priced from 5.2 billion VND

Switching to German imports, two versions of S-class 450 and 450 Luxury increase the price by hundreds of millions, adding convenience and leading safety technology in the segment.

At the beginning of the series of events held online (November 25-28) due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Mercedes Vietnam introduced the 7th generation S-class. The car still sells two versions: S450 priced at 5,199 billion VND and S450 Luxury priced at 5,749 billion VND.

The S-class is Mercedes’ darling. Along with the Mercedes-Maybach line, the S-class is a showcase of the company’s latest technologies, both in design and in comfort. In Vietnam, the S-class has dominated the segment for many years.

Mercedes S-class priced from 5.2 billion VND in Vietnam.

Neutrality and flexibility are Mercedes’ strengths in exterior design, the way to make an impression and be accepted by the majority. The new generation of Mercedes S-class is further simplified in shaping.

On the S-class, the elongated curves run from front to back, the steering wheel, the intelligent adaptive headlight design (multibeam LED) are all soft. Even the door handles (doors) are designed to hide into the body of the car, creating a seamless and aesthetic look. The rear of the car is also more stylish than before, the taillights with cascading 3D LEDs.

The chassis system of the new S-class is more than 50% aluminum. Plus the assembly process requires higher technology, the company’s factory in Vietnam cannot meet the assembly process of the new S-class. That’s why this generation, the company switched to importing from Germany instead of assembling as before.

S-class seen from the rear.

S-class seen from the rear.

The S450 version comes with 19-inch wheels, 1 inch larger is the configuration for the S450 Luxury version. The vehicle is equipped with an air suspension system. Private feature steer the rear wheel helps to reduce the turning radius available on the Luxury version.

Mercedes is a master at creating new trends, especially in interior design. The new S-class cabin has no connection with its predecessor. Audi used to make a difference with the overflow screen on the dashboard on the A8, while Mercedes brought vertical technology with a 12.8-inch screen. In the car, both front and rear have up to 5 touch screens, including 3 entertainment screens for the rear compartment. Business class rear seats, maximum recline 43.5 degrees with heating and massage functions.

The inspiration on luxury yachts is realized by the company by decorating the dashboard with metallic fiber on the S450 Luxury and wood paneling on the S450. Designed with rectangular air vents with curved edges, 64-color interior lighting effects, voice control via Hey Mercedes gestures.

The cockpit of the new generation S-class.

The cockpit of the new generation S-class.

The Luxury version gives customers more luxurious experiences, such as interior lighting effects that follow the rhythm when the user adjusts the temperature, turn red when there is a safety warning. Besides, there is a self-learning algorithm system, recording and predicting passenger actions, thereby giving feedback, for example opening the sunroof without pressing a button.

Safety equipment of the new generation Mercedes S-class, in addition to the long list of blind spot warning, body control, 360-degree camera, etc., has also been raised a step further when equipped with passenger airbags. rear (installed on the back of the front seat). This is the first time a commercial vehicle has this equipment.

Both Mercedes S450 and S450 Luxury use the new 3.0 I6 engine, integrated with the EQ Boost 48 V electrical system. The car produces 367 horsepower at 5,500 – 6,100 rpm, maximum torque of 500 Nm. at 1,600 – 4,500 rpm. 9-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds, the speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h.

Compared to the two predecessors assembled at the company’s factory in Ho Chi Minh City, the selling price of Mercedes S-class increased by 780 million and 820 million dong, respectively. In addition to the content of new amenities and technologies in the car, the switch from assembly to importing CBU from Germany caused the price of S-class cars to increase, exceeding the threshold of 5 billion VND. S450 costs 5,199 billion VND and S450 Luxury costs 5,749 billion VND. Rival BMW series 7 costs VND 4,369-6.289 billion, while the Lexus LS is the most expensive, priced at VND 7.28-7.83 billion.

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Photo: Mercedes


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