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New generation Yamaha Sirius FI priced from 20.8 million

The new Sirius FI improves the design, refines the engine, improves the features, and sells two versions.

Sirius FI 2021 was launched online in Vietnam on September 5 with many notable changes, the orientation is a sporty, modern version. The newly redesigned Sirius FI model adds features aimed at customers who consider motorbikes as a means of transportation in urban areas, competing with compatriot Honda Wave.

Sirius FI RC new generation. Photo: Yamaha

The new model Sirius FI is sportier, neater and more elegant, eliminating cumbersome details. Newly designed bibs increase legroom. The saddle is smooth with an adjustable saddle for the rider to get up and down and support the foot more comfortably. The biggest change is in the front lights with the position lights gathered, placed next to the headlight cluster, easier to identify the car.

New Sirius FI engine refines fuel injection system, lightweight aluminum alloy die-cast heat piston, roller trigger to reduce friction, cylinder-style spikes for increased efficiency and a new exhaust system to reduce noise . The new Sirius FI is equipped with a 115 cc, one-cylinder, air-cooled, electronic fuel injection engine that produces 8.7 hp at 7,000 rpm and 9.5 Nm of peak torque. at 5,500 rpm. Fine-tuned 4-speed gearbox.

In addition to the new design and tweaked engine, the new Sirius FI also adds features such as more stable headlights thanks to a new two-way power generation system, instead of the DC type on the old generation. The lightweight underbone frame increases balance when handling. The storage compartment under the seat is spacious with the ability to fit a full-face helmet and easily opens the saddle with the key right on the main lock.

Yamaha Sirius FI 2021 is sold in Vietnam market with two versions, standard (disc brake) and RC (cast rim). Old age from 20.84 – 23.69 million. While rival Honda Wave sold Wave Alpha from 17.89 million and Wave RSX from 21.79 million. Sirius is several million dong more expensive than the competition.

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