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New life was found on the day of ‘Ram Navami’ … Baba Ramdev told why this day is special for him

Baba Ramdev has made yoga famous all over the world. Baba Ramdev, the head of Patanjali Ayurved Company, used to distribute leaflets on the streets of Haridwar at one time. However, Baba now owns crores of company. But this journey of Yoga Guru was not easy at all. Born in Mahendragarh, Haryana in 1965, Baba Ramdev’s real name is Ram Kishan.

When Baba Ramdev was in the 8th school, he was paralyzed, causing the left part of his body to deteriorate and one of his eyesight to be gone. After this incident, Baba Ramdev devoted his entire life to yoga, leaving the connection with the world, Baba Ramdev came to Acharya Baldev’s ashram in Rewari. It was here that he changed his name from Ram Kishan to Baba Ramdev. Let me tell you, Baba Ramdev has cured his whole body through yoga.

Ram Navami day is very special for Baba Ramdev. Because, on this day, he had decided to take ‘sanyas’. This was revealed by Baba Ramdev on the stage of Indian Idol recently. He told, “On the occasion of Ram Navami 27 years ago, I had decided that I would live a simple life and give up all my comforts. Ram Navami is very close to my heart. Because, I got a new life on this day. After that I started living a simple life with simplicity. ” Let me tell you, Baba Ramdev will soon reach the set of ‘Indian Idol 12’ and will tell many stories related to his life.

Acharya Baldev gave the knowledge of Vedas to Baba Ramdev: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had learned Panini’s Sanskrit grammar, Vedas and Upanishads from Acharya Baldev. This was mentioned in the book ‘The Life and Times of Baba Ramdev’ written by Ashok Raj.

Baba Ramdev used to organize yoga camps in every village: Baba Ramdev started the propagation of Yoga from Gurukul Kalwa located in Jind district. The head of this gurukula was Acharya Dharmaveer. During this, Baba Ramdev used to roam throughout the day and teach yoga in the villages. During this he also used to organize training camps.

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