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New Peugeot 3008 priced at 1-1.1 billion VND – find opportunities before the “big guys”

The 2021 crossover is sold with two optional versions, AL (Allure) and AT (Active) for 1,109 billion and 1,009 billion VND respectively.

Peugeot 3008 2021 redesigned the front part. The grille is overflowing with edges, the headlights are also reworked and use LED technology with automatic height adjustment. Extended daytime lights in the form of lion fangs cum turn signals. 3D effect LED tail light. Smart electric box.

The front bumper has a metallic silver painted splint – a synchronous element on Peugeot SUV models. Large chrome braces decorate the bottom of the two doors. 80 inch rim. Compared to the previous version, the new 3008 model looks more cubic, stronger but somewhat not as smooth.

The noticeable change in appearance is the style of the overflow grille. Image: Thaco

The upgraded 3008 interior maintains the i-Cockpit design philosophy with a D-cut beveled steering wheel, a 12.3-inch digital clock, a driver-facing central touchscreen, and function keys. simulate piano keys and electronic gear lever.

Compared to the 8-inch screen on the current version, the new 3008 uses a 10-inch screen, with detailed air conditioning information on the sides. Electric driver’s seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, Qi wireless charging, 60:40 folding rear seats, middle seat with integrated armrest.

The AL (Allure) version has a number of additional amenities such as electric front passenger seats, automatic anti-glare rearview mirrors, interior lights, panoramic sunroof. The car has 5 seats.

Peugeot 3008 is based on PSA’s EMP2 platform (now Stellantis Group) but the weight is reduced by 70 kg thanks to the application of new material technologies. High-strength steel is used for the frame of the passenger compartment.

1.6 THP turbocharged engine with a capacity of 165 horsepower, maximum torque of 245 Nm. Also turbocharged, but Honda CR-V uses a smaller engine, type 1.5 and produces 188 horsepower, which is more than 3008 to 23 horsepower. Peugeot’s model uses an EAT6 6-speed automatic transmission with fast gearshift technology. Both versions are equipped with gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel, optional terrain driving mode Advanced Grip Control, sport driving mode, downhill assist, tire pressure warning.

Safety equipment on Peugeot 3008 includes 6 airbags, rear parking sensor, 18-degree reverse camera with side simulator, driving time warning, cruise control and speed limiter. The AL version adds front parking sensors and the ADAS safety package includes lane keeping assist, blind spot warning, speed limit sign recognition and driver attention reminder. The car does not have adaptive cruise control like the top three names in the segment, CR-V, CX-5 and Tucson.

Peugeot 3008 2021 sold from June 26 with 6 color options. The price is 1,109 billion VND for the AL version and 1,009 billion VND for the AT version, respectively. However, in the first time, the company offered a preferential price of 20 million VND, equivalent to 1,089 billion VND for the AL version and 989 million VND for the AT version. The company did not specify how long the sale of the discounted car will last.

With this price setting, the highest version of the 3008 is close to the highest version of the CR-V (1,118 billion), while the CR-V is being discounted by about 50 million at the dealer, not to mention the extra gift. it’s accessory money. The other two competitors are the CX-5, the highest version, priced at 1,059 billion, and there are many options ranging from 839 million. Tucson also has 4 versions to choose from, priced at 799-940 million.

Competition by price is clearly not the strength of Peugeot 3008, but 3008 is hardly cheaper than CX-5, although the brand power in Vietnam is not equal to Japanese cars. Thaco since distributing Peugeot has always wanted to put the French brand at a higher level than Japanese and Korean cars, so the price must also be higher. These upgrades can be the basis for 3008 to find opportunities before the “big guys” in the segment.

Peugeot’s sales figures are not published in detail on a monthly basis like most other automakers in the industry. This product introduction Thaco did not launch 5008 (seven-seat version of 3008), like how the duo appeared together in 2017.

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