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New versatile chassis for electric vehicles

ItalDesign collaborated with Williams to design the chassis of an electric supercar, which can be used for a variety of vehicles such as sedans or carbiolet.

The electric car boom spurred the development and research of high-value electric supercars. Brands both old and new are flooding the market with new models. This is a good time to become an electric supercar tycoon of investors. Race car maker Williams (UK) and body designer and builder ItalDesign have teamed up to create an electric supercar platform called EVX.

Electric sports chassis with grand tourer form.

The EVX is not a car, it is a platform. A large battery and chassis, developed by Williams, who has extensive experience in F1, Group B, and BTCC racing. This platform is suitable for a sports grand tourer, sedan, or a crossover or a convertible.

The EVX uses a battery stack that Williams says it originated from motorsport. According to Williams, this chassis structure is composed of carbon-composite components, increasing torsional rigidity and ability to absorb loads and collisions.

The system uses 800 V electricity, similar to that of the Porsche Taycan and the Audi e-Tron GT. It can support a wide variety of powertrains, from two-wheel-drive to all-wheel drive and towards great performance or range. Williams says it can support up to 1,340 hp or a thousand kilometers, depending on the type of vehicle you want to build.

The 800 V system is also capable of charging from 300 to 500 kW. The EVX is compatible with steel, aluminum, or composite bodywork, easily adapting to existing assembly lines. Williams and ItalDesign are targeting customers who want to build between 500 and 10,000 units. For quantities up to 500 units per year, ItalDesign can produce them by hand, just like with the Nissan-designed GT-R50.

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