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News about the repair schedule of 2 undersea cable lines APG and AAE-1

Friday, June 11, 2021 08:35 AM (GMT+7)

The Vietnamese operator has updated information from the operator of the APG and AAE-1 undersea fiber optic cable route.

Recently, sea cable incidents occurred at the same time, affecting the international connection capacity of telecommunications service providers in Vietnam. This is a common problem affecting all carriers/Internet service providers in Vietnam.

Recently, there was a problem on 2 cable lines APG and AAE-1. (Illustration)

However, with Viettel, this operator said that it was proactive before the sea cable incident happened, by proactively planning, routing, allocating, and adding capacity (including backup capacity) on the networks. international cable connection to ensure the best quality of service provided to customers.

When the incident occurred, Viettel immediately implemented a route, optimized, and added capacity (including backup capacity) on other undersea cable routes, namely TGN-IA (towards Hong Kong and Singapore). ) and APG (to Singapore), AAE-1 (to France as well as to prepare land cable resources for international connection to ensure quality service for customers.

“Viettel is continuing to work with the management board and operators of the APG, AAE-1 and NEC undersea cable routes to have continuous updates on the plan to repair the above incidents,” the representative said. Viettel said.

A representative of Viettel also updated information from the operator of the fiber optic route, saying:

Cable route APG

Since May 11, there has been an incident on the S6 segment of the APG submarine cable route (about 352 – 355Km from the TKO landing station in Hong Kong).

The cause of the problem is a source fault (Shunt fault) and does not cause service interruption.

The system has mobilized ships and started repairing the above incident from June 6, expected to be completed on June 11.

During the repair period, it will disrupt all services to and from Hong Kong of APG project members (including Viettel’s service from Vietnam to Hong Kong on the APG cable).

Cable route AAE-1

On May 25, the AAE-1 cable route had a problem on the FP10 pair of the S1H.1 segment (about 2,072Km from Cape D’Aguilar, Hong Kong, towards BU Vung Tau).

The cause of the problem was a fiber break, which disrupted a small part of Viettel’s service to Hong Kong on FP10 pairs.

S1H.1 segment troubleshooting plan: Expected from June 22 to July 13.


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