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Nice attack in 2016: seven men and a woman sent back to the assizes

The investigating judges in charge of the investigation into the attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, which left 86 dead on July 14, 2016, decided to dismiss seven men and a woman, including three for “criminal terrorist association. “, Before the special assize court, AFP learned, Tuesday 10 November.

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According to the impeachment order signed Monday, November 9 by four anti-terrorism judges, the three main defendants are suspected of having ” awareness of the existence of a project »Attack from Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Tunisian killed the same evening by the police.

They were also indicted for “complicity in assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, but the judges abandoned this heavier qualification, considering, like the national anti-terrorism prosecution, that the three men did not “have” precise knowledge of the terrorist project “By Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, no more than” moment of its realization ” planned.

The trial will not take place until 2022

Five other people are sent back to the assizes at their side, for offenses related to the supply of a weapon intended for Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel. But the judges note that “ no element proves their knowledge, even imprecise, of the terrorist project “.

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Four defendants are currently in detention, two are under judicial control while two others are on the run and are the subject of arrest warrants dating from April and July. All can still appeal their dismissal to the Assizes; a trial that cannot be held before 2022.

865 people or associations became civil parties

Multiple steps to hire the truck, scouting on the pedestrian part of the “Prom ‘” in order to increase the number of victims and ” registration (…) in an ideological approach of jihadist inspiration several months before the events “: The judges estimate in their order that Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, even without” demonstrated link “With Daesh, which claimed responsibility for the attack,” implemented their recommendations “.

The judges recall the ” questions that ran through the investigation regarding the mental health of the perpetrator “, But these questions” cannot question »The terrorist nature of his act. 865 people or associations became civil parties in this investigation into an attack that had aroused international emotion.

This referral to the assizes comes less than two weeks after a new attack in Nice on which anti-terrorism magistrates are investigating. A 21-year-old Tunisian killed a man and two women with a knife on October 29 at the Basilica in Nice.


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