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Nissan is about to launch a new electric K-car model

JapanThe Japanese automaker said it could sell a new “mini electric vehicle” next year, a product developed from a joint venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi.

In March, Nikkei Asia says that Nissan and Mitsubishi could make a new kei-car, potentially an electric vehicle and based on the IMk concept that debuted in October 2019. There was then no official confirmation until August 27, when Nissan revealed it could sell a new “mini electric vehicle” model in 2022.

The IMk concept could be the basis of a new electric vehicle. Photo: Nissan

The kei-car will be developed by NMKV – a joint venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi. NMKV was established in 2011 and specializes in manufacturing kei-cars, which are popular in Japan.

The new model will use a 20 kWh battery pack, which may be enough to “carry out everyday needs in Japan”. When the company calls it a “mini car”, it is clearly the kei-car segment.

The car will be 3,400 mm long, 1,480 mm wide, and 1,660 mm high. This size perfectly meets the requirements for a kei-car: a maximum length of 3,400 mm, a width of only 1,480 mm and a height of 2,000 mm, with a maximum power of 63 horsepower.

Like the Nissan Ariya electric car, the new model will have V2G connectivity, allowing the connection between the electric vehicle and the national grid and vice versa, meaning the car can supply electricity to a house in case the house is cut off. electricity. In a country like Japan, where earthquakes and other natural disasters can happen at any time, this is a useful feature.

Nikkei Asia even get the selling price of a new electric car model, starting at about 18,200 USD thanks to support policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles, only the product name is unknown. Vehicles can be sold in the US.

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