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‘No insurance, no driving on the street’

For the first time I know in Vietnam that you can choose to buy or not buy insurance for your car.

Reading the article “Saved more than 200 million dong for not buying auto insurance” I was very surprised. In the United States, it is mandatory to buy car insurance, if you do not have insurance, you cannot drive or buy a car. When there is an accident or traffic violation, but the driver does not present the vehicle insurance, the same fine as without a driver’s license. Therefore, you can consider buying insurance related to the money to buy a car because nobody really wants an accident to happen to you or you cause an accident to others. However, in the US, when buying insurance, the buyer can choose the level of coverage for the terms in the contract.

In addition, the choice of insurance package also has factors such as the age of the driver, the driving history, the newness of the car and will also affect the insurance price. In general, policyholders will calculate how to pay only the lowest insurance premium possible in their circumstances and ability, but at the same time get the most insurance coverage in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is common to change insurance companies in the US and this is to cut costs when it is found that there are more reasonable prices in other companies.

Readers Hieu Duong

VnExpress will organize Car Talks number 3 with the topic “Car body insurance is easy to buy, difficult to claim?” on Wednesday, October 12 at 8pm – 9pm. Speakers who are insurance experts and experienced auto dealers will clarify car users’ questions about body insurance. Readers can ask questions of the speakers under the Comments section.


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