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Nordahl Lelandais sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Arthur Noyer

The Assize Court of Savoy sentenced Nordahl Lelandais to 20 years of criminal imprisonment, including two-thirds of security, for the murder of Arthur Noyer.

“To the question, is the accused guilty of having deliberately killed Arthur Noyer?” The answer was yes, ”read President François-Xavier Manteaux, around 11:30 pm.

The deliberation lasted seven hours. This morning, the Attorney General, Thérèse Brunisso, requested the maximum penalty for murder, thirty years of criminal imprisonment, with a two-thirds security period. Nordahl Lelandais did not react to the announcement of the verdict. No more than the family of Arthur Noyer, killed on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017 while leaving a nightclub in Chambéry, where the mother of the accused, also presents in the front row .

“You saw that Michel Fourniret is dead”

Throughout the afternoon, Nordahl Lelandais’ lawyer, Me Alain Jakubowicz, had been busy dismantling, point by point, the reasoning given this morning by the Attorney General. In her indictment, at the end of the morning on Tuesday, May 11, the latter had considered “That the gravity of the murder committed by Nordahl Lelandais, his peripheral actions, his very unfavorable personality elements justify a sentence of thirty years” while recognizing that the investigations – in particular the work of the jurists – had not made it possible to know the exact circumstances of the death of Arthur Noyer.

At the Lelandais trial, the implacable indictment of the prosecutor: “He wanted to make Arthur Noyer disappear permanently”

According to her, the significant efforts made by the accused to remove the body of his victim, below a road leading to the Marocaz pass, about twenty kilometers east of Chambéry, were likely to strengthen the thesis of intentional homicide, rather than intentional violence resulting in death without intention of giving it. An impossible reasoning, according to Me Jakubowicz, who pleads assault and battery leading to death without intention of giving it – punishable by “only” 15 years of imprisonment.

“When you want to hide a body, you don’t, sorry for the words I use, don’t get rid of it like that. You saw that Michel Fourniret died yesterday and we are still looking for the body of Estelle Mouzin. This is concealment! ““We know perfectly well that there are other victims of Michel Fourniret”

Of course, Nordahl Lelandais does not say “Not the whole truth” But “Inconsistencies, lies and silence do not prove the guilt of the accused”, recalls the lawyer, very energetic throughout his two and a half hours of pleading. “Lying is also his right”, he repeats, addressing the jurors directly around the president of the Assize Court:

“It is not enough for the prosecution to say that the truth of Nordahl Lelandais is not THE truth. It is up to the prosecution to prove the truth and the fact that it does not succeed is not our problem on this side. In law, hypotheses and assumptions have a name: doubt. You don’t have to believe Nordahl Lelandais, but you can’t override your assumptions. In France, an accused has the right to lie, to be silent, not to accuse himself, not to incriminate himself. “

“So what? “

The sexual motive, advanced this morning by the public prosecutor alone as ” the only “ can explain why Nordahl Lelandais hitchhiked Arthur Noyer before driving him to Saint-Baldoph, a few minutes by car from the center of Chambéry, should not be taken into account when determining whether the accused wanted to kill intentionally , according to the lawyer. “To the question of whether Nordhal Lelandais intentionally killed Arthur Noyer, you will answer no ! It is not worth thirty years in prison. […] Judge firmly but judge righteously. “

“Homicidal intent is the moment T. What happens before or after is absolutely irrelevant. It is not because Nordahl Lelandais went to a party on April 13, where he gave the change with his relatives, that he killed Arthur Noyer.The homicidal intent also cannot result from the fact that he drove Arthur Noyer to Saint-Baldoph. So what, as our English friends say? Except to admit the premeditation, which this court did not accept, that proves what? And admitting that he wanted to have sex with him? It certainly doesn’t show that he wanted to kill him there again! », Insists Me Jakubowicz.“Nordahl, do we have to settle for that?” “: At the Lelandais trial, the errors towards the truth

Before him, Mathieu Moutous and Valentine Pariat, who also defend Nordahl Lelandais, had called on the Assize Court not to apply “ only the right and nothing but the right, no more no less “In this trial which began, not on May 3, but at the end of August 2017, at the time of Nordahl Lelandais’ involvement in the Maëlys case – he had then become” the monster, the serial killer, the pedophile “. Therefore, the ” almost distressing banality “Of the accused had” faded away “:

“This reality is difficult to accept: it is much more reassuring for each of us to think that the death of a little girl can only be the work of a monster. So, when we learned that this same monster was at the origin of Arthur Noyer’s death, the machine was already on. And when he is not this monster, it is inevitably that he is hiding and lying, we make him a manipulator ”

When leaving the jury to retire to deliberate, around 4.30 p.m., Nordahl Lelandais had, one last time, addressed the court and those close to Arthur Noyer seated in front of him, close to the portrait of the corporal installed there. on the first day of the trial:

“Forgiveness is not a magic formula, but for me it is necessary. I saw the very strong testimonies of a mother, a father, a brother, a grandmother. You went to my family, thank you. It shows your intelligence and your dignity. Monsieur Arthur Noyer, I never wanted that. I offer my sincere apologies to the family and to you, Mr. Arthur Noyer. “


From May 3 to 12, Nordahl Lelandais appears before the Assize Court of Savoy, in Chambéry, for the murder on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017 of Arthur Noyer, corporal of the 13e battalion of alpine hunters. The ex-dog handler, who faces thirty years in prison, is suspected of having hitchhiked the young man before killing him and getting rid of the body in a mountain range. “The Obs” follows this trial.

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