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“Not the final of the World Cup”, “smoking”, “complete and successful match”: the best of declas after UBB-Toulouse

After the Bordeaux victory over Toulouse on Saturday night (17-7), find the main post-match statements.

Cameron Woki (UBB’s third line, at the microphone of Canal +): “It was a tough match, the first against the second. We received a team from Toulouse which trumps everyone in this championship. We are very happy to have won. It’s a complete game, successful, we were very good in defense. There was no lack of state of mind, I am very proud of the team. When you lose five times (actually four) against Toulouse last season, you learn. We simply learned from our mistakes and defeats, especially in the semi-finals (Top 14) where we had room to win this match. We put in the ingredients to win this match. (…) It’s a match that will do us a lot of good. It started our season, the month of December is difficult for us because we only have big pieces. We had a good performance in Racing, today I’m very proud of the team for this victory. We will switch to the European Cup and after, there will be a trip to Toulon.

Tops / Flops UBB – Toulouse: Woki omnipresent, Dupont and Ntamack non-existent

Francois Cros (third row from Toulouse): “In terms of content it’s quite poor, in terms of commitment we have been overtaken, dominated. From there it’s complicated to win matches. When we do not give 100% to the commitment, at the end we have regrets, hence this feeling of annoyance tonight because we did not play at our level. We were caught on the ground game and when we don’t have the balls, it’s complicated to impose our rugby. We were not worthy of our jersey, of our rank, we paid cash for it. We did not put Antoine (Dupont) in good conditions, he was padlocked by this Bordeaux team. When he can’t use the few balloons we have, it’s more complicated for us. When we score, it gives us a little boost, but we made mistakes, we exposed ourselves and Bordeaux played the occupation game very well. Losing the place of leader, I don’t know if that matters a lot today, the season is still long but it is sure that being at the top is an advantage and a comfort. We are no longer. It’s up to us to work again and get back into a positive dynamic. ”

It’s not the World Cup final either, there’s no fire in the lake

Romain Ntamack

Romain Ntamack (half opening of Toulouse at the microphone of Canal +): “We were too imprecise in conquest, we did not have the necessary balls. In the ground game, when we weren’t penalized, we got our balls scratched. We were never able to put our game in place. We finished at 17-7, it’s a shame with more application and more balls better exploited, we can hurt them more. The result is logical, there is nothing to say. We will not find excuses, we assume when we lose. (…) We know the rivalry between Toulouse and Bordeaux. They won tonight (Saturday). It’s not the World Cup final either, there’s no fire in the lake. We will question ourselves to start the European Cup well. ”

Christophe Urios (Bordeaux-Bègles manager): “It was an important match for the history and identity of the team. I found us to be more coherent even though there were a lack of people in Toulouse, so you always have to be humble. There are quite a few bad play choices in the game, I found us consistent in both the occupation and the foot pressure. We made it a little more difficult because there must be two more tries. Two of which were refused, and an action between Yoram (Moefana) and Louis (Picamoles) that we must better control. We have to be more patient but I’m happy with the game. I was not worried about the recovery, it is not in my nature. The team has been strong for a very long time, I didn’t feel it was in difficulty even when we took the test. We are in December, do not start to say that we are favorite for the title, that is smoke. I heard it said and I read it. “

What’s more annoying is what happened for 60 minutes where clearly in the fight we got beaten

Clement Poitrenaud

Clement Poitrenaud (Toulouse assistant coach): “From the moment you are dominated in the ground game as in the first half, that your level of discipline is not optimal and that you do not necessarily respect the game offensively, that becomes complicated, somewhere the defeat makes sense. Our ability to have clean balls on the rucks was very complicated. They put a lot of pressure on Antoine (Dupont) who had difficulty ejecting the balloons. Our connections were too weak, we were late in the clash areas, most of our ball exits were slow, which makes it difficult. When you can take the upper hand in the recovery, it does not last. They get back on their feet by picking up the score and things turn around then. There are not necessarily regrets. At the end of the match, we overplay to get the bonus. What is more annoying is what happened for 60 minutes where clearly in the fight, we were beaten. With the team lined up, the atmosphere there was here, we inevitably expected another performance from the boys. What is certain is that UBB is first tonight and deserves its victory. Tonight, we got a little bored on our side. ”

Maxime Lucu (UBB scrum half): “Obviously very happy to have won, to confirm the victory of Racing. The first place was on the line. But all was not perfect. We put ourselves in danger on our own but the team’s strength of character was great to regain the score as quickly as possible. It’s important to regain first place before the European Cup. It allows us to leave free in the European Cup and to play our all-out against the English leader next week. Obviously we talked about the four defeats of last season and these two semi-finals which hurt us in our common experience. This match was played on the front fight. Toulouse dominated us enough on that, we responded in the ground game, on balls that we managed to carry. There was a big challenge at this level, the eight in front responded. “


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