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Now you can earn money by making shorts videos on YouTube, Tik Tok will get a competition like this

In the case of short videos, Tik Tok has made his own identity. Many companies, including Facebook, wanted to compete with it but could not compete with Tick Talk. At the same time, Google’s YouTube has decided to give this tough competition. In fact, last year YouTube launched the short video feature Shorts, in which users can make videos just like Tick Talk. At the same time, the company has announced that users can also earn money from short videos.

YouTube raising funds
YouTube has started raising 100 million dollars fund. With this, the company will be able to pay short video creators. YouTube will pay video creators on the basis of viewership and engagement. The company has also started giving ads on its short videos.

Tick ​​talk will clash
YouTube has taken this decision to beat the tick talk which has become very popular among the youth all over the world. By giving money to the creators, the company wants to make it very popular among the youth so that people use it a lot.

Anyone can upload short videos
YouTube has made easy shorts videos so that everyone can now create and upload short videos on YouTube. At the same time, the company has now found a way to earn money even without an ad. It remains to be seen whether YouTube Shorts can overtake Tick Talk or will Tik Talk continue to dominate.

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