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Now you will get rid of ugly comments on Facebook posts, you will be able to control like this

It is often seen on Tech Giant Facebook that users share a post and many mischievous people write lewd comments or abuses on it, but now this will not happen. In fact, in the past, Facebook has given users control over their posts on its platform, so that they can decide whether they can comment on their posts or not. If you also want that no one comment on your post, then we are telling you the complete process. Let us know what has to be done for this.

Control the comments of the post like this
For this you have to first open the Facebook App.
Now go to your profile and go to the post whose comments you have to control.
Now going to that post, three dots will appear in the right side, click on them.
Now click on the option of ‘Who can comment on your post’ here.
Not only this, you can also select in your post whether your post will be public or only friends will be able to see it.

Missed call will be able to join midway on WhatsApp
To join the call, first turn on WhatsApp and click on Call.
After this, the option of tap to join will be available in the call you have missed, click on it.
Now click on Join to join the group call and get added to the call.

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