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Now you will not be able to transfer money from Google Pay for free, will have to pay from next year

To send money to Google Pay, one of the most popular payment platforms in the country, you have to pay a charge. Google is discontinuing peer-to-peer payment service from its digital payment platform Google Pay from January 2021. The company will bring an instant money transfer payment system in lieu of this service, but for this you will have to pay a charge. Let’s know the complete details.

This service will stop
According to a report, Google Pay now allows the transaction of money from mobile and At the same time, it has been announced by Google to close the web app. In such a situation, users will not be able to transfer money through from the beginning of 2021. For this, users have to use Google Pay App.

Will be charged
Google said that when you send money to your bank account, it takes one to three business days to transfer money. While instant transfers are done through debit cards. When you transfer money with a debit card, there is a charge of 1.5% or $ 0.31. In such a situation, instant money transfer can be charged from Google.

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