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OCRs, those enigmatic phantom radio circles that captivate astronomers

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Imagine some sort of cloud in the shape of a circle floating somewhere in space. Ghost circles, which are invisible to the naked eye, even with the help of the most powerful telescopes. Today they constitute an enigma that a group of astronomers is trying to solve. What we see, for the moment, is that they apparently do not correspond to known phenomena, that they could be really very distant and of gigantic size.

“When you look at the images taken by optical telescopes, you can’t see anything at all, One of the authors of the discovery, Ray Norris, of the Western University of Sydney (Australia), tells in an article in The Conversation. These circles in space are only seen in radio wavelengths and are probably composed of clouds of electrons. But why don’t we see anything in the visible wavelengths of light? We don’t know, but finding a puzzle like this is every astronomer’s dream. “

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A “WTF! “

The story begins in the fall of 2019. Anna Kapinska, of the US National Radio Astronomical Observatory, reveals that she discovered very bizarre shapes in the latest data collected by radio telescopes. She even annotates one of them like this: “WTF? “(For” what the fuc

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