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Olympic Games 2024: “No cause for concern but we must not waste time” underlines the IOC visiting the construction sites

Pierre-Olivier Beckers, member of the International Olympic Committee and president of the coordination commission for the 2024 Paris Games, completed three days of interviews on the ground.

28 cranes rotate on the 52 hectares of the Olympic Village of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris under construction (31 buildings will constitute the “Town», Before creating a new district after the Games) in the municipalities of Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis and Île Saint-Denis. A vast open heart operation. Helmet on the head, fluorescent vest, equipped with overshoes, Pierre-Olivier Beckers, president of the coordination committee for the 2024 Olympic Games, inspects the vast site this Wednesday morning. Around the cinema city (which will be the athletes’ restaurant) and the studios (which will be transformed into a training room), rehabilitated enclosures such as the imposing Maxwell Hall (in which part of the Home Office is located). will be installed after the Olympics) and the Copernicus building, 31 buildings will rise from the ground. 1,200 people are at work on the site (at the peak of activity, they will be 3,000 by the end of 2022). In total, 11,000 people will work on all the Olympic venues, late 2022-early 2023. Five cameras take a daily photograph to feed a “timelapse“Already impressive:”We see the site moving», Notes Nicolas Ferrand, general manager of the Solidéo (delivery company of Olympic works).

The progression is impressive. Paris 2024 is making its dream come true

Pierre-Olivier Beckers

After having also seen the site of the Olympic Aquatic Center (which will host the synchronized swimming, diving and water polo events) placed in front of the T gate of the Stade de France (a footbridge connecting the two enclosures will be placed above of the A1 in August 2022, in order to be operational for the Rugby World Cup in 2023), Pierre-Olivier Beckers summarizes: “the progress is impressive. Paris 2024 is in the process of making its dream and its vision a reality, of preparing for the Games that will be spectacular and sustainable. And useful. This is a more important word as we progress in the journey towards 2024, we realize how much all the initiatives are turned towards the delivery of useful Games. Paris 2024 will be a pioneer in delivering extraordinary Games but also responsible Games for Paris and the population.

Pierre-Olivier Beckers on the Olympic Village construction site. Paris 2024

At the end of three days of discussion with Tony Estanguet, President of the Organizing Committee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Pierre-Olivier Beckers, who was to meet this Wednesday Michel Cadot, interministerial delegate for the 2024 Olympics, indicates: “The goal is very clearly and enthusiastically shared, to bring the opening ceremony to the heart of the city, for the greatest number, in complete safety, to enjoy this moment of fraternity, of sharing with the athletes. We will discuss the modalities, we cannot take the slightest risk. It would be a great first. We have an example, the opening ceremony of the Youth Games in Buenos Aires (in 2018) had left the stadium, we know that it can be done.The ceremony will be on the agenda at the next Cojo Board of Directors on December 13th.

Less than 1,000 days before the deadline, the Belgian summarizes: “I had said that Paris was in the nails, it was easy to say it because we were at the beginning of planning, today we are in an operationalization phase, Paris is there, the IOC can only rejoice.“And to conclude:”Everything is on its way, on time. In the coming weeks Paris 2024 will be 100% focused on the organization of the Games, the IOC teams will be in Beijing (Winter Olympics, from February 4 to 20, 2022). We will meet again in March and there will be roughly two years left. It’s short. There is a lot of work at all levels. There is nothing to worry about, but time should not be wasted. You have to stay on tiptoe. It is the will of all. We need vigilance on the part of all the players.


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