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Olympics: why in volleyball a player wears a jersey of a different color from his teammates

For more than two decades, the regulations have imposed the presence on the field of a player who visually differentiates himself from his teammates, the libero. And this one has a very specific role.

The Olympic volleyball tournament begins this Saturday in Tokyo with the entry into contention of the France team against the United States (2:45 p.m.). If you are in front of your television for this shock of the group stage, you will inevitably notice the presence on the field in each camp of a player with a jersey of a different color from that of his teammates.

One might think that it is simply the captain of each of the selections but it is not. The player who stands out from the crowd is called the libero and his position was created by the International Volleyball Federation in 1999. His role on the field is very special, which is why he must be distinguished from other players, a much like the soccer goalkeeper.

The libero post was created in 1999

The FIVB had two goals in establishing this new rule a little over two decades ago. First, strengthen the defensive sector to promote longer exchanges and make the game more spectacular. One way to avoid

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