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OM and Benfica back to back in a friendly

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What you must remember

Benfica-OM: 1-1
Benfica : Pizzi (14th, sp)
OM : Payet (38th)

After their draw against Braga (1-1), OM did it again, with the same result against Benfica this Sunday, in Lisbon (1-1). Despite a good start, the Olympians were surprised by a solitary breakthrough from Weigl leading to a generous penalty. Pizzi, the Portuguese captain, was in charge of transforming the offering and thus giving the advantage to the locals. The Portuguese then took the upper hand in the game and could even have doubled the mark at the half hour mark on a strike from the same Pizzi. A few minutes later (38th), Dimitri Payet put his people back to the place thanks to a superb exchange with Henrique.

More legs in the second half, the Marseillais made the game but were unable to take advantage of their opportunities on set pieces. Mandanda’s teammates even thought they would be surprised by a solitary action from Rafa Silva on the hour mark. But the Lisbon goal was canceled after an offside position at the start of the action. The multiple changes from both sides then brought down the pace of the meeting, which ended with the same score as at half-time (1-1).

Finally, there is not much to remember from this meeting except the good form of Payet and Gueye which is confirmed. Luis Henrique also showed up with some acceleration. On the other hand, Gerson and Under have been discreet about the time they have spent in the field. As for the collective, OM played sporadically, despite a good start to the second half. The same goes for Benfica who, despite a great collective mastery at times, was quite timid on the offensive plan a few days before his jump-off against Spartak Moscow. A performance that no doubt has something to reassure Monaco, potential opponent of the Eagles in C1, if they manage to qualify.

It’s over, draw between OM and Benfica! (1-1)

A distant attempt by Benedetto (1-1, 92nd)

The Argentinian wastes a great opportunity trying his luck 35 meters from Portuguese goals, the strike spun away from the left upright

Triple change for Benfica (1-1, 88th)

Seferovic, yet entered in the 45th, gives way to Vinicius. It is then Florentino Luis and Gedson who enter in place of Joao Mario and Grimaldo

Yellow card for Joao Mario (1-1, 85th)

Benfica playmaker is guilty of a charge in the back of Guendouzi and receives a yellow card

Mandanda wins against Seferovic (1-1, 80th)

The locals have stepped on the ball for a few moments and launch Seferovic in depth. The Swiss striker tries a dive but Mandanda captures. The center-forward is then signaled in an offside position


Found on the side, Radonjic centers back for Gueye who intelligently lets the ball go to Guendouzi who tries his luck without control. On the other hand, his strike does not find the frame

The completely missed shot from Benedetto (1-1, 73rd)

Well served in the area by Radonjic, Benedetto tries his luck and sees his shot fly away in the spans of the stadium

De La Fuente gets a corner (1-1, 71st)

The new entrant is already showing himself by trying to dribble his vis-à-vis in the area and gets a corner. This corner kick does nothing due to a fault by Caleta-Car.

6 changes for OM!

Amavi, Caleta-Car, Benedetto, Saliba Radonjic and De La Fuente, make their entries in place of Payet, Dieng, Henrique, Alvaro, Balerdi and Under


Well found behind by Silva, the Swiss tried his luck at 30 meters, but his shot did not find the frame!

Goal canceled! (1-1, 63rd)

While he had played twice with a very passive Marseille defense, Rafa Silva deceived Mandanda with a shot from the right. However, the Benfica striker was in an offside position at the start of the action and the goal is logically canceled

GOAL OF RAFA SILVA! (2-1, 63rd)

Gil Dias strike! (1-1, 59th)

The former Monegasque transplanted on his left foot and tried his luck at the entrance to the box, but his shot did not catch the frame.

New free kick that gives nothing for OM! (1-1, 57th)

The Olympians get many fouls in the Portuguese 30m, but they still fail to be dangerous

Alvaro’s head! (1-1, 55th)

On an axial free kick kicked by Payet, Alvaro wins in the air but fails to frame

Corner for OM (1-1, 53rd)

After a good ball exit from Payet, Rongier throws Henrique into the deep. The Brazilian crashes and gets a corner that gives nothing

The center of Under! (1-1, 50th)

The Turk takes care of a distant free kick but his cross is well boxed by the Benfica goalkeeper

Corner for Benfica! (1-1, 48th)

It’s a two-man game between Pizzi and Grimaldo, but the Benfica captain’s cross is too long

Changes on both sides!

Guendouzi and Rongier entered in place of Kamara and Gerson on the Olympian side. Seferovic and Gil Dias came off the bench for Benfica

Let’s go for the second half!

Jorge Sampaoli has been warned at the break

Visibly unhappy with the refereeing, the OM coach complained to the central referee which earned him a yellow card

The nice goal of OM in video!

Half-time in Lisbon! (1-1)

Surprised in the quarter of an hour of play by a breakthrough from Taarabt, OM conceded the opener through Pizzi on the penalty spot. First jostled by the good pressing of Benfica, the Marseillais then came back to the score thanks to a superb goal from Payet. A few minutes earlier, Pizzi could have doubled the mark with a nice shot but it was deflected by Balerdi. The good half-time of Gueye and Payet is to be noted, who have shown themselves to be very available.

THE PAYET LOB (1-1, 42nd)

Confident after his goal, the number 10 Olympian tries to lob the Benfica goalkeeper from the midfield. His attempt is captured by Odysseas


Author of a magnificent cross for Luis Henrique at the start of the action, the latter plays again with Payet who transplanted in the axis and deceived the Portuguese goalkeeper with a strike placed from the left! OM are back in the game thanks to their playmaker, at the start and at the end of this goal


Although shifted by Joao Mario, the evening scorer tries to roll up his ball but it is diverted for a corner by Balerdi!


On a distant free kick from Payet, Balerdi throws himself to tackle the ball but no one is present at the far post to cut his handover

OM are trying to settle in the Portuguese camp

Jostled so far, OM set up their game for the first time in the Lisbon camp. Payet shows himself more and more.


The young OM striker is thrown in depth by Payet and goes to strike on goal! His shot is deflected for a corner by the Portuguese goalkeeper. Corner that gives nothing!

The opening of Vertonghen (1-0, 20th)

The Belgian central defender tries to alert Grimaldo behind the back of the OM defense but it is too long and it goes out of goal

OM again led (1-0, 16th)

As against Braga, the Marseillais are surprised and find themselves behind on the scoreboard

PIZZI GOAL (1-0, 14th)

The Benfica captain transforms his penalty with a lot of serenity!


Taarrabt hits full axis before being unbalanced by Luan Peres! The whole OM team was transfixed by the playmaker


Payet recovers high and serves Henrique. The Brazilian strikes before crossing low and getting a corner


Launched by Luis Henrique, Dieng is too short to take the ball back and Odysseas quietly captures

Under again (0-0, 6th)

Again found on the left side, the Turk tries to dribble his screw a screw but misses his hook

OM’s first foray (0-0, 3rd)

On a low recovery, OM goes against with Under but the Turkish is caught by the Portuguese defense

The kick is given !

The players are making their entrance!

Marseille will play in blue and Benfica in red

Final adjustments for Benfica

This match is still important for Benfica, who are playing their last friendly tonight before their Champions League qualifying round against Spartak Moscow.

The preparation of Benfica

Luan Peres, the OM player to watch

While OM had made a bland copy in the first half against Braga, the central defender had shown his advantage off the bench. Interesting first minutes to be confirmed tonight in the face of tougher opposition.

The composition of OM!

For this meeting, the Olympians line up several rookies with Gerson, Under and in particular a first start for Luan Peres

Good evening everyone

This evening OM will be on the Benfica lawn for their 5th preparation match. Undefeated so far, the Olympians remain on a draw against Braga (1-1). The Lisbon players, for their part, beat Lille (1-0) last Thursday in a friendly.


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