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OM-PSG: An intense Classic but no winner at the Vélodrome

The 101st Classic of Ligue 1, played on Sunday at the Vélodrome, ended in a scoreless match, not without interest.

From our special correspondent in Marseille

No goal, no winner. OM and PSG separated on a score of parity on Sunday evening (0-0), at the Vélodrome, at the end of the 11th day of Ligue 1. Solid leaders in the standings, the Parisians suffered after the expulsion of Hakimi in the 57th minute. The Olympians, who did honor to their colors and their lively public without however transforming the test, fell from third to fourth place.

A deserved sharing of points

Carried by their public, the Marseillais started the knife between the teeth, taking the Parisians by the throat. More aggressive, more dangerous too, with a header from Milik next to it (3rd), and visitors pushed away from Lopez’s goal. Cold snap on the Velodrome, with a goal against Peres’s camp… Quickly refused due to an offside position (14th). Same causes, same effects, Milik saw his goal refused by the Var (20th). PSG, however, raised the tone and raised its level. Enough to rebalance the debates, better finish these first 45 minutes and be dangerous in turn, with Messi often at the maneuver (26th, 35th, 42nd), but also and above all Mbappé, always ready to rush into space. Well launched by Di Maria, he alerted Lopez. Neymar had followed but could not find the frame (31st). Despite a last good streak in Marseille, which ended with a completely failed recovery of Under (45 + 1), we stayed there in this lively, contested and stuck first period, but so far without a goal.

Always the same intensity at the start. There was also tension, with the temperature rising in the stands with each disputed action. In the 57th minute, the “Vél” thought again to see its players despoiled by Mr. Bastien. Except that the video allowed the referee to see Hakimi push Under in the back, while the Turkish international from OM spun on goal. Red card ! Mauricio Pochettino’s players, who had already lost Verratti to injury (45th + 4), were going to have to finish ten (57th). Di Maria paid for the broken pipes by giving way to Kehrer (61st). And OM was pushing and pushing again. The whole stadium believed in seeing Rongier head back to a cross from Payet (65th). And even more when De La Fuente was alone against the empty goal before… to put aside (76th). Outnumbered, PSG did not give up possession, but only worried Lopez about blocking situations, thanks to Mbappé (67th, 77th). The former Parisian Guendouzi alerted Navas (90th + 1) and in the end, Marseille squatted the opposing half of the field, in vain (0-0).

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A breathtaking classic

Commitment, suspense, rhythm… Spectators and viewers got their money’s worth on Sunday evening, with a very well-crafted Classic. Obviously, the expulsion of the Parisian Hakimi shortly before the hour mark broke the rhythm a bit, but the interest was even greater, the Parisian ogre appearing more than ever acceptable for an OM who does not. had beaten more for ten long years at Vel ‘. Duels and aggressiveness, but no nastiness worthy of the 90s. A real shock, a great advertisement for Ligue 1 and football. He only missed the goals.

A boiling velodrome, to the point of excess

Make no mistake: the Velodrome was, overall, magnificent. The forecourt was crowded from 6 p.m. and the atmosphere only rose to a crescendo on Boulevard Michelet, and of course in Marseille, which was packed to the brim. South turn, North turn, sideways: the whole stadium in tune, with magnificent tifos, plenty of smoke, vocals to break your voice. An atmosphere of bullfighting. The actions of a few should not obscure this. But we can not hide either that Neymar received bottles and other projectiles, including a firecracker, on several occasions while going to take the corners. Ditto for Messi, who also had a visit from a… supporter, who was invited to the pitch in the second half. All without talking about the hustle and bustle outside the stadium during the first half. The appeals for calm from President Longoria and Captain Payet have only partially been heard. To see if these actions will cost the Marseille club the point of suspension that hangs in its face from Angers …


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