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OM: should we be worried about Benedetto?

Dario Benedetto has still not scored this season with OM. A crisis of success that worries Villas-Boas, and for which the whole team is mobilized.

“It doesn’t just work by saying it to a camera.” Former player of Boca Juniors where he “won the affection of the public by stripping on the field”, Dario Benedetto knew it as he explained to The team as soon as he arrives: if he wants to be adopted by Marseille supporters, you have to give “your life for the shirt you wear”, and this “in every match”. But the 30-year-old Argentinian is not naive. His failure in the face of goal, with 8 matches without finding the net this season before the reception of Manchester City on Tuesday (9 p.m.), would earn him some hostile reactions at the Velodrome stadium, if behind closed doors had not become the norm .

Benedetto’s first goal at the Vélodrome against Saint-Étienne in September 2019 (1-0)

What the hell happened to Benedetto? We had left him on a season with 11 goals in 28 games, including a hat-trick in Nîmes on February 28 (3-2 victory), shortly before the final end of the championship. “Jonathan David cost three times as much in Lille and he’s not scoring either. But there, nobody said anything, “pleaded André Villas-Boas at a press conference. The Portuguese coach is ready to defend whatever his players cost, and in this regard, Benedetto gives him a job. “Dario told me: coach, I can not, I’m dry, I must score,” said Villas-Boas, admitting that the crisis experienced by his Argentinian is worrying. His failed header against Lorient last Saturday (1-0), his only shot of the match, illustrates a lack of confidence. But more is needed for OM to throw in the towel.

“Dario has all our confidence”

Alvaro Gonzalez, OM defender

Benedetto has not been decisive this season? Sometimes the numbers lie. Facing Lyon at the start of the month, his in-depth appeal in front of Marcelo freed up the space for Thauvin to shift Payet, author of the opening scoring (1-1). Florian Thauvin, who is coming out of an almost blank season, has also regained full possession of his means. And forcing all of Marseille to adjust. The game leans regularly to the right, and when the ball returns to the axis, it is rarely to combine with Benedetto, but rather for the curled strike from the left that Thauvin loves, like his goal against Bordeaux on October 17. last (3-1). The rest of the time, the calls are not coordinated, with the former de Boca alternating between dropping out and seeking depth.

Thauvin’s sublime goal against Bordeaux on October 17 (3-1)

Benedetto shoots less than last season

Result: Benedetto touches a little less balls per game this season in Ligue 1 (31 in 2019-20, 26 this season) and shoots a little less (2 shots / game in 2019-20, 1.4 this season). “It’s difficult for him, for me, for all the teammates, summed up his teammate Alvaro Gonzalez before the trip to Lorient (1-0 victory). I think Dario needs confidence, he needs us, the whole team. Dario has our full confidence. I see him in training every day and I have a lot of confidence in him. ”

For now, Benedetto has at least the confidence of the coach. It would be an admission of failure to start Valère Germain again at the forefront of the Marseille attack. It would be daring and more exciting to see competition from Marley Aké (19), trained at the club, or Luis Henrique (18), recruited a few weeks ago. Benedetto is in the bottom of the wave, and there would be nothing to be ashamed of to drink the cup this Tuesday against Manchester City. A little more for the reception of Lens on Friday.


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