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On the second day of the Daval trial, the unbearable and interminable autopsy report

This second day of hearing was to be that of the confrontation between Jonathann Daval and members of his in-laws, whose hearings were scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. That of a possible new “shock of the truth”, as had defined Gilles-Jean Portejoie, the lawyer of the civil parties. And that, one could hope, of a new step towards a better understanding of the events of the night of October 27 to 28, 2017, date of the disappearance of Alexia Daval.

First day of Jonathann Daval’s trial: the early convictions of investigators

Arriving at the Vesoul courthouse this morning, the relatives of the victim, surrounded by their advice, therefore had only one word in their mouth: to make him “crack” again. After all, Jonathann Daval has already given up his lies twice in the face of questions from his stepmother, Isabelle Fouillot. For the first time, in December 2018, when he confessed to having wrongly accused Grégory Gay, the husband of Alexia’s sister, of being the author of the crime. The second, during the reconstruction of the facts, in June 2019, when the computer scientist had finally explained that he was also at the origin of the partial cremation of the young woman’s body.

But the hearing of a forensic pathologist, more than six hours long, upset the schedule of the trial, already very late after only a day and a half of debates. “The depositions will not take place until tomorrow”, said Matthieu Husson after a short break at the end of the afternoon.

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