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Once used to get 15 rupees for a day, Bharti Singh has lived by eating salt and bread, know

Bharti Singh: Bharti Singh’s name is taken for her tremendous comedy in the world of television. He needs no introduction today. Bharti is reaching the heights of success by making the audience tickle with her jokes. However, this journey of his success has not been so easy. There was a time when his life was going through a period of trouble. Let us know the special things related to them –

Bringing a smile to others’ faces with her laughter Bharti Singh He has hidden a mountain of sorrows inside himself. Recently, Bharti Singh is seen as a guest in the first episode of actor and host Maniesh Paul’s podcast. Bharti Singh revealed many secrets of her life on this platform.

Childhood struggled with financial difficulties: In this podcast, Bharti recalled her childhood days and told that she faced a lot of poverty in the beginning. Her father passed away when Bharti was 2 years old, after which the responsibility of the whole family fell on her mother. He told that the mother had raised the children by working in the factory. Many a times it used to happen that even one time meal was hardly available to the family.

Lived by eating salt bread: He told that his family is still not used to living a luxurious life. Bharti Singh says that her mother used to sew blankets in the factory and also used to sew chunni designed by Durga Maa at home. Because of this, there was always the sound of the machine running from the house. She tells that there was a time when she lived by eating salt with roti.

Has been a national level shooter: Bharti Singh told Manish Paul that no one will believe it by looking at her figure today, but she has been a rifle shooter. She says that 12 years ago she participated in the game on behalf of the Punjab team at the national level.

Rs 15 was available daily: Talking about her condition, Bharti says that she used to get free food from the government during the game. At that time Bharti used to get 15 rupees per day. Also, coupons worth Rs 5 were also given from which she used to drink juice to give her strength to stand continuously during the shoot. She says she used to save the rest of the coupons and buy fruits and juices from him at the end of the month and take them home.


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