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Online retailers struggle to keep customers

Sunday, January 16, 2022 15:50 PM (GMT+7)

Faced with the trend of consumers tightening their spending, online retailers must enhance shopping forms that combine entertainment, smart technology application, etc. to increase efficiency in reaching customers.

An e-commerce company in Vietnam said that in the last months of 2021, the market witnessed two opposing trends, but both showed that consumers were increasingly saving since the Covid-19 epidemic. 19 outbreaks. The first trend is shopping for pleasure after the period of social distancing, but most of them are focused on small, low-priced items. The second trend is to be more careful before all spending decisions to save for the future.

Behind the impressive numbers

Becoming an almost exclusive shopping channel during the period of strict social distancing in 2021, e-commerce floors have repeatedly announced impressive sales growth figures.

Online retail companies are trying to entice customers with many technology solutions. Photo: ROYAL TRIAL

During the biggest shopping occasion of 2021 on 11-11 (Single Day), Tiki announced that the number of orders increased many times and the number of customers increased 2 times compared to normal days. One of the best-selling items on this peak shopping day on this floor is antibacterial and anti-fine dust masks. Tiki also noted a clear trend of shifting from normal consumption habits to focusing on essential products, serving health, and giving priority to items in the list of necessities within spending capacity. family monthly.

Another online retail platform, Shopee, recently announced that customer traffic during the “birthday super sale” on December 12, 2021 increased 6 times compared to the average of weekdays and had more than 850 million votes. discount is used.

The above optimistic information partly reflects the recovery of the economy when people have returned to shopping, but according to representatives of some e-commerce floors, this is just the surface. “Despite the strong increase in traffic and orders compared to the previous period of social distancing, the number of “luxury” orders has decreased markedly. Consumers are mainly buying essentials for home or household items. low prices and use price comparison tools much more” – representative of an e-commerce floor.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang, Business Partner Development Director of Lazada Vietnam, confirmed that 2 current consumption trends exist in parallel on the online transaction channel: “re-venge buying”. to make up for a long period of not spending before and do “mindful shopping” to boost savings. Notably, regardless of the trend, consumers shop more “calmly” and focus on essential items at a reasonable cost.

Efforts to retain customers

Orders increase, have to work hard to operate the system to serve customers, but the actual revenue is not necessarily expected, so the e-commerce floors are quite “headache” in finding a strategy to both attract customers and stimulate growth. spending capacity. The strategy of personalizing customers’ shopping experience through shopping and entertainment is one of the solutions thoroughly applied by exchanges to attract young customers.

Mr. James Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam and Thailand, said that in order to better serve customers, this exchange has invested and renewed the shoppertainment initiative to become a comprehensive “destination” where customers can be entertained, interact with celebrities via livestream (live stream), play games, hunt deals and shop at the same time. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, Marketing Director of Lazada Vietnam, in the framework of Online Marketing Forum 2021 organized by Vietnam E-commerce Association recently emphasized: “To conquer users on digital platforms, the key is the key. success lies in putting the customer experience first. Accordingly, we provide a comprehensive marketing solution for businesses throughout the user’s shopping journey, from stimulating purchase intent, to enhancing shopping experience, simplifying the shopping process to increasing review and re-purchase rates”.

The Shopee representative also said that this floor deploys regular sales livestream programs in addition to applying technology to the stages of order receipt, logistics, delivery, etc. to retain customers and re-shop. .

The Vietnam E-commerce White Paper 2020 assesses that the combination of shopping and entertainment is not a new trend, but it is the future of shopping and a way for sellers to increase competition. Trends Vietnam recognizes that retailers who want to retain consumers and turn them into loyal customers by “burning money” on discount codes and incentives are not a long-term solution. The better choice for online sellers is to make themselves an important part of consumers’ lives through the form of shoppertainment. In addition, applying technology to display outstanding items, items that match the needs and search habits of each user… to provide a unique experience is also a way to stimulate online shopping. .

According to marketing expert Hoang Tung, the form of livestream sales on e-commerce floors with famous people is developing very strongly. This is the trend of the future when the interaction becomes faster, more direct, thereby stimulating buying behavior much better. “In China, there are livestream stars selling millions of dollars in sales. In Vietnam, this form is also developing very strongly on Facebook, TikTok and e-commerce platforms. Even my colleagues used to be. stay up all night to livestream sales, give vouchers to customers and achieve a very significant sales effect,” said Mr. Tung.


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