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Oppo can make cars

ChinaOppo, phone brand under BBK electronics, is preparing to make cars, and the founder is the lead of the project.

Tony Chen, the founder and CEO of Oppo, is believed to be the head of the project. Chen and his team spend weeks investigating resources, hiring manpower. A source close to the company said that Oppo had investigations and discussions about the car production, but the project has not really taken shape.

Oppo did not confirm the information, but Chen said: “Even in the production of cars, we will focus on where Oppo can do the best. If the automakers cannot make cars. good and Oppo has enough power, we will try our best in the future. ” This could be a sign that Oppo is still hesitant between deciding to “build a car by himself” like Xiaomi or “build software and support car manufacturing” like Huawei.

Oppo – the Chinese phone brand – may enter the car manufacturing sector. Image: VCG

Reports also indicate that Chen met with Tesla battery supplier and manufacturer CATL two weeks ago. Andy Wu, Vice President of Software Engineering at Oppo, may be responsible for autopilot interviews. Eric Guo, the science director, who joined Oppo last year, joined the formation of the autopilot technology team. At the same time, positions related to the cockpit development were left open.

Oppo was invited to the SAIC developer meeting held in Shanghai this year. Oppo and influencers from various industries discussed building smart electric vehicle software services as well as developing their own future.

Oppo has filed many patents related to autonomous technology and driverless driving technology, including rangefinders, cameras, and electronic devices to locate vehicles.

According to the Autohome, Oppo decided to set up its automotive branch office in Chengdu.

Oppo is China’s second largest phone maker, selling 112 million smartphones globally in 2020, or 8% market share. Oppo is also a subsidiary brand of BBK electronics – the parent company of OnePlus, Vivo and Realme.

America – England (according to the CarNewsChina)


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