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Our friend the “national-populist” Prime Minister of India

In the emergence of a bloc to face China, the United States is counting on a key country: India, the other giant in Asia. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, participated in March, at the invitation of Joe Biden, in the first videoconference summit of the “Quad”, a regional structure of the Pacific zone, bringing together the United States, Australia, the Japan and therefore India. The “Quad” (short for Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) has existed for many years, but New Delhi had always been reluctant to get completely involved in this essentially anti-Beijing structure: this reserve has disappeared. India’s guarantee is important in Washington’s eyes: it makes it possible to dispel the impression that we are in the presence of a rearguard combat of the old “West”.

FOLDER. Joe Biden, a presidency with a Cold War flavor

The United States is not alone in “cultivating” support for the emerging Indian power. France plays she has

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