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Outperforming Mercedes and Lexus, BMW is the best-selling in America

Sales of 287,732 cars sold in North America helped BMW win the throne in the luxury car segment.

Before that, the battle for the crown took place closely between three luxury brands, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. In the end, just a few thousand separate cars helped BMW win.

Sales of 278,732 vehicles by 2020 mean that BMW is down 17.5% year-on-year. sales during 2015-2019.

Sales of the best BMW luxury car market in America 2020. Photo: BMW

The runner-up position belongs to Lexus, with 275,041 units sold in 2020. This is down 7.7% and mainly due to poor sales of the ES and RX models.

Third is Mercedes. The fellow BMW company sold 274,916 cars, down 13%. Sales of the C-class plunged 46.5%, while the E-class, CLS and S-class all fell more than 30%.

With Audi in fourth place, sales are down 17% with 186,620 units sold. The products with low sales are A4, A6 and A7 with a decrease of 31-42%. The optimistic side of Audi has Q3 with a jump of 84% in 2020.

Audi is fifth with 136,983 units sold. This decrease of 13.5% mainly due to a decrease in demand for models like the TLX and MDX.

Coming to No. 6, there is a new American domestic car company. Lincoln also reduced sales in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The death car model MKZ Continental was the main cause of sad business results.

Finally, Infiniti, with sales down 32.5%, and sales of 79,502 vehicles. Deep reduction products have Q50 and QX60, respectively 36.4% and 47%.

America – England (according to the Carscoops)


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