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Paris-2024: suspicion of sexist and racist remarks, three employees of the Solideo suspended

La Solideo, the company responsible for delivering Olympic books for Paris-2024, has launched an internal investigation and suspended three of its employees after accusations of sexist and racist remarks.

This investigation was entrusted “a few days ago” to the ethics officer of the Solideo following the sending of questions by the online newspaper Mediapart about sexist, racist and homophobic remarks made within the public establishment, according to La Solideo. “We were seized with questions from Mediapart which reported extremely serious and shocking accusations to us, serious enough to trigger an internal investigation and suspend three employees in order to be able to establish the veracity of things,” Solideo explained to AFP.

According to testimonies collected by Mediapart, which published an article on the subject on Sunday, of the three employees targeted by these accusations, two are company executives placed in key positions. “There have already been malfunctions in the past which were treated seriously and up to what had been established, not necessarily on the same employees. But here, these are new accusations, extremely serious, ”said the Solideo.

The audit could lead to sanctions against the employees targeted by these accusations, she added. La Solideo, a public industrial and commercial establishment (Epic) which employs around 100 people, is chaired by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. Responsible for building permanent structures for the Paris Olympics, she supervises 62 structures ranging from the athletes’ village to renovations of gymnasiums, including bridges and walkways.


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