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Paris mayor employee targeted by rape investigation

New earthquake at Paris town hall. A rape investigation was opened on October 1 against a member of the cabinet of Anne Souyris, deputy in charge of public health. A woman accuses the collaborator of having raped her at city hall on September 23, said “Le Point”, which revealed the information.

The suspended employee

While the complainant, intermittent of the spectacle and environmental activist, waited in the office of this collaborator, this one would have gone to meet her and would have massaged her neck and back, reports “Le Point”. In a state of amazement, “she did not know or could defend herself or show her disapproval. Emboldened by what he believes to be an absence of reaction, the man would then have raped her ”, still according to the complaint, which our colleagues were able to consult. She would then have confided in her relatives, including environmental activists, who advised her to file a complaint, said “Le Parisien”.

“The City of Paris, informed of the facts, issued an administrative suspension order concerning this employee”, specifies in a press release the group of elected ecologists of the Council of Paris, what Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy (PS) of Anne Hidalgo confirmed with “Parisien”.

“It is now up to justice to bring out the truth while respecting our rule of law”, indicates the statement of the environmental group.

“We immediately put her in contact with a lawyer”, specified at ” Parisian »A member of the EELV group. “We have seized the public prosecutor, as provided for in article 40 of the code of criminal procedure”, continued Jérôme Gleizes, Paris advisor to the EELV group. “It was a collective choice. “

The employee refutes

Contacted by “Le Parisien”, Anne Souyris emphasizes that she “Respect with seriousness the word of the alleged victim “And wish “That justice can do its job to establish the facts while respecting and listening to people”. She said her collaborator was refuting the facts and had not yet been heard by the police.

TRIBUNE. “Christophe Girard has the right to defend himself. But not to say anything ”

Questioned by our colleagues from “The World”, her lawyer, Maître Aurélie Soria, indicates: ” I have material elements incompatible with the facts mentioned. I have been trying for three days to communicate them to the public prosecutor. We will also file a slanderous denunciation complaint in the next few days. ”

This is not the first time that members of the municipality have been implicated in cases of rape or sexual assault. Christophe Girard, cultural assistant to Anne Hidalgo, who had resigned on July 23 because of his links with the writer Gabriel Matzneff accused of pedophilia, is targeted by a preliminary investigation for rape. On September 14, it was Pierre Aidenbaum, deputy mayor at Paris city hall, who resigned. An investigation had been opened for “sexual assault”.

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