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Paris SG – Montpellier live – Ligue 1 – Season 2021/2022 – Football

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Messi in the stands

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (50th)

Mbappé and Neymar try to combine on the left wing, but they ultimately lose the ball in front of Sambia. The two Parisian stars are really not having their best night.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (48th)

Montpellier starts off strong in this second act. Mollet is maneuvering in the right lane, his cross is captured by Navas just in front of Germain, who had thrown well.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (46th)

Cozza pulls off a nice defensive intervention and tries to throw Mavididi in the back of the defense, but Navas has anticipated well and comes out of his box to repel the danger.

Here we go again !

Montpellier kicks off the second half. There was no change during the break.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (MT)

It’s the break, on the score of 1-0 in favor of Paris! Authors of a big start to the match, the Parisians lead thanks to a superb strike from Gueye.

Neymar stumbles on Omlin! (45th + 1)

Neymar fixes Ferri and tries his luck halfway. His powerful strike from the left is well deflected by Omlin, vigilant.

One minute of additional time

Herrera hits the bar! (43rd)

After an attempt blocked by Di Maria, Herrera played off Ferri and struck off balance when entering the box. The ball takes a funny path and finally hits the crossbar.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (41st)

Neymar is particularly rough in this first period, with in particular sixteen lost balls (out of thirty-six). The Brazilian often does too much.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (40th)

Montpellier gets an interesting free kick in the Parisian camp. Savanier plays long but Germain is too short to take the ball back in front of Navas. Paris will be able to revive.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (36th)

There are nearly ten minutes to play in this first period. The pace gradually fell, after a very intense start. Paris manages the debates, but is not immune.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (34th)

Montpellier may attack in numbers, Germain struggles to exist at the forefront of the attack. The former Marseillais is often isolated from his teammates, and well surrounded by the duo Marquinhos-Kimpembé.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (31st)

Sambia advances in the Parisian camp, and finally decides to try his luck at the corner of the surface. It’s framed, but safe for Navas.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (28th)

Oh the good cons to play for Paris, with a perfect through pass from Gueye to Mbappé. The Parisian striker transplanted into the box, but his strike was countered by Ristic.

Thuler injured, first change for Montpellier (26th)

Victim of a muscle injury to the thigh, Thuler must give up his place. It is Cozza which integrates the central Hérault hinge.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (23rd)

PSG is no longer so sharp since the opening of the scoring. The capital club holds the ball less and lets Montpellier maneuver more easily than at the start of the match.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (21st)

Savanier recovers the ball in the feet of Di Maria and strikes halfway. It’s clearly out of the box this time.

Savanier’s free kick! (18th)

Montpellier gets a well-placed free kick. Savanier tries his luck directly, his powerful and floating strike is well repelled by Navas.

Paris SG – Montpellier 1-0 (16th)

The Parisians only waited a quarter of an hour to achieve their clear domination. This is the third goal scored by Gueye this season in Ligue 1.


Paris opens the scoring! Served in withdrawal by Di Maria, Gueye makes a sublime feint to eliminate Mollet, before arming an overpowered strike from the left at the entrance to the area. His shot lodged under Omlin’s bar helplessly.

Paris SG – Montpellier 0-0 (13th)

Neymar and Mbappé do not hesitate to go very low to come and get the ball and create lags.

Paris SG – Montpellier 0-0 (10th)

In barely ten minutes of play, the Parisians have already struck six times on goal. Mauricio Pochettino’s men are starting very strong, as in Metz on Wednesday.

Paris SG – Montpellier 0-0 (9th)

Montpellier obtains two consecutive corners, but that does not give anything. PSG can revive.

Paris SG – Montpellier 0-0 (7th)

Montpellier came to the Park with real offensive ambitions, but the Hérault club leaves huge spaces for the Parisian attackers. The tactics of the MHSC are very risky.

Paris is pushing! (5th)

The opportunities are linked for PSG! Well launched by Di Maria, Neymar advances in the area but his stung ball falls behind the bar. And on the next action, it is Mbappé who forces Omlin to perform a beautiful parade.

Gueye misses the frame! (3rd)

Diallo infiltrates his left lane and crosses back towards Gueye. The midfielder arrives launched at the entrance to the area, but his shot clearly flees the frame.

Paris SG – Montpellier 0-0 (1st)

Paris starts strong and gets the first corner of the match. Di Maria crosses towards Marquinhos, who misses his deflection at the near post.

The kick-off is imminent

The two teams enter the lawn of the Parc des Princes, in a beautiful atmosphere. Note that this match will be refereed by Antony Gautier.

The famous Sakho Park

Recruited by Montpellier this summer, Mamadou Sakho is forfeited for this match but nevertheless made the trip tonight. The PSG Ultras have fond memories of their former captain.

Merciless Mbappé for Montpellier

Kylian Mbappé was involved in 11 goals against Montpellier in Ligue 1 (8 goals, 3 assists), more than any other current elite team.

PSG: Kimpembe, faithful among the faithful

DECRYPTION – Player most used by Mauricio Pochettino since the start of the season, with Achraf Hakimi, the Parisian titi seems to gain strength after having chained insufficient services.

Read here

The MHSC often silent in the Park

Montpellier has not found the fault in 8 of its last 9 trips to Paris in Ligue 1, only managing to score one small goal in this period, in a 5-1 defeat in February 2019.

The Montpellier compo: Germain at the top of an eleven without surprise

Author of a spectacular draw Wednesday against Bordeaux (3-3), Montpellier will appear at the Parc des Princes with an eleven without surprise. Germain is present at the forefront of the Hérault attack. Chotard replaces Leroy in midfield, as Sambia and Thuler regain their places in defense

The eleven Montpellier: Omlin – Sambia, Thuler, Estève, Ristic – Ferri, Chotard – Mollet, Savanier (c), Mavididi – Germain.

The Parisian composition: Di Maria back in front, Gueye and Paredes holders in the middle

Still deprived of Messi, Verratti, Ramos, Bernat and Kurzawa, PSG will evolve in 4-3-3. Di Maria finds a starting place in the attacking trio, alongside Neymar and Mbappé. Gueye and Paredes return to midfield, while Diallo is preferred to Mendes at the left-back position. Navas, already holder in Metz, remains in the cage.

The eleven Parisian: Navas – Hakimi, Marquinhos (c), Kimpembe, Diallo – Herrera, Paredes, Gueye – Di Maria, Mbappé, Neymar.

Paris for the roller coaster?

Although breaking into its collective game, PSG made a great start to the season in Ligue 1, with seven victories in as many days. The capital club, which remains on two torn successes in stoppage time, prances at the top of the championship and will try to prepare well for the reception of Manchester City, scheduled for Tuesday in the Champions League.

Goodnight all

Welcome to the LIVE of PSG-Montpellier, match counting for the 8th day of Ligue 1. Kick-off at 9pm.


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