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Pécresse finds Darmanin too “soft”, we will debrief you about their duel (if you also missed it)

This is what is called stealing the limelight. Scheduled for at least three weeks, the passage of Valérie Pécresse in the first episode of the season of “Political Show” with Thomas Sotto and Léa Salamé, on France 2, was to be the political evening of the President of the Island. -of France. Except that the meeting was largely shunned by the public, who preferred the televisual wrestling fight between Eric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, announced at the last minute on Sunday, September 19.

Zemmour-Mélenchon debate: draw!

The debate between the far-right polemicist and the leader of La France insoumise on BFMTV drew crowds with 3.8 million viewers, against only 1.05 million for the prime time devoted to the president of Île-de- France (surpassed by the rebroadcast of “Camping 3” on TMC). We don’t hide from you that we too were in front of the show like a fight between two boomers who spoke very loudly, but we made up for it this morning. Magic of the replay, we were still able to take advantage of the face-to-face meeting between the president of the Ile-de-France region and the Minister of the Interior.

Duel between ex

To give you an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the discussions, it more or less resembled that found in law firms specializing in family affairs, where two ex-spouses deal with child custody. Valérie Pécresse and Gérald Darmanin were not exactly married, but they have long been in the same (political) family. First in the RPR, then in the UMP, finally in LR, and in the same parliamentary majority between 2012 and 2016.

A little less than five years ago, they campaigned hand in hand for the same candidate: François Fillon. Since then, Gérald Darmanin has rallied the Macronist troops and Valérie Pécresse hopes to overthrow them by being a presidential candidate in 2022 – and inevitably, each believes that it is the fault of the other if they no longer live in the same house. .

Pécresse in the ring in front of Bertrand: why it changes all on the right

In political language, in front of Léa Salamé and Thomas Sotto who were holding the candle, it gave from the outset something like this: “Valérie Pécresse should put her energy, which is great, at the service of the President of the Republic”, suggested the Minister of the Interior. To which the interested party replied: “I regret that Gérald Darmanin has put his energy and talent at the service of a left-wing majority which uses it as an alibi. “ It’s not you, it’s me, and vice versa.

Battle of numbers and shallot race

The rest of the festivities consisted of a very technical debate on migration issues. Technical because, inevitably, the two speakers having roughly the same vision and the same political line on this subject, the stake consisted, on the Darmanin side, in defending the results of the five-year period in the matter, and on the Pécresse side, in the attack.

On the menu, therefore, a battle of figures and facts. In this exercise, the Minister of the Interior seemed to fare better, giving the impression of correcting the president of Île-de-France on everything she said, even when it was he who turned out to be inaccurate. His goal ? Make it appear as a caricature, caught up in the shallot race led on these themes with the extreme right.

In Nîmes, the right is trying to seal “a non-aggression pact”

“A governing party cannot say anything”, rebelled Darmanin before launching into his usual spiel on his story of the son of an immigrant, cut by a ” We know ” exasperated by Léa Salamé. To the point that the Minister of the Interior almost appeared as a staunch defender of Human Rights, in the face of a radicalized Pécresse who suggested changing the Constitution to allow terrorists to be locked up in perpetuity.

From now on, it is Pécresse who finds Darmanin too “soft”

We recall that in the same program, last February, the same Darmanin had nevertheless judged Marine Le Pen “A little soft” on immigration. Not always easy to follow. It must be said that, when questioned about her adherence to the thesis of the “great replacement”, the ex-minister of Nicolas Sarkozy did not deny, and started a development on the “Non-France zones in the Republic”.

Does Gérald Darmanin scare Marine Le Pen?

The opportunity for Darmanin to paint her even more as a dangerous extremist:

“Before, when we were in the same party Madam, these words were not acceptable. These are serious and strong attacks on people who for the most part are French ”.

To conclude these kind exchanges, the soft trial, brandished by the mayor of Tourcoing against the patroness of the National Gathering, was taken over by Valérie Pécresse: “Mr. Darmanin is powerless to influence this majority, he is a bit of a right wing puppet, I find him soft. ”

Valérie Pécresse is not having a very good week

This final release of an approximate taste will be forgiven, because it is true that the founder of the Free movement! not having a great week. In the results of the vast survey of right-wing voters, commissioned in June by the President of the Republicans Christian Jacob, to try to choose a presidential candidate, the president of Île-de-France is left behind by her rival Xavier Bertrand . A little, of course, but all the same.

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More serious still: questioned on the mode of designation of their champion for 2022, the supporters LR are 60% in favor of a congress, against only 50% in favor of the idea of ​​a primary, the option desired by Valérie Pécresse, and that the president of Hauts-de-France refuses. This is a stone’s throw from the LR congress this weekend, where members are called to vote to decide between the two solutions.

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